IB basket trading

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  1. Anyone have an experience basket trading on IB?

    how fast is it?

    any problems?

  2. It's fast, I have no problems with it.
  3. rwk


    I think the largest number of orders at one time has been 10 on each of two apps with no problem.

  4. I am using it with 50-100 market orders at a time simultaneously and I never had any problems.
  5. thanks for the info guys.

    also does it have any total basket stops? As in, when the overall P&L of the basket gets to a certain price it will automatically market out of all basket positions?
  6. Not aware of it supporting monitoring a baskets aggragate PL. All it does is execute the orders and place them in your account. From then you're on your own. You could program an Excel sheet that monitors the positions PL and then issues orders accordingly.
  7. Bob111


    i ask them very long time ago for total PnL stop(or simple sound alarm at least)
  8. what was their response? are they working on it? will be available in the future? etc?
  9. Bob111


    they too busy for this simple feature
  10. I developed my own app, hired programmer to build to my specs.

    I dont trade at IB, this product may assist, never used it, I did look at it though during my own quest.


    You may want to look at the third party developers located on IB's website, you might be able to have someone code an app for your method.
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