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  1. Is anybody having any issues with updates on your position? I put a limit to go short XINA50 and saw price go past my entry without the order filling so I cancelled it thinking there must be some time of error. It just set there after I clicked cancel and wouldn't actually show the order as cancelled. I thought there was a good chance it might have been filled, but I had no way of knowing if my order made it to the exchange I don't believe. Anyways, 5 minutes later the short position does pop up in my account and so I immediately closed it, but to another perceived delay. It showed I was short still.

    I called IB and he said they both filled immediately. Also, under my trades, neither trade is listed and I am still showing 2 live orders that won't cancel. But I don't believe either is actually live, the rep said that he didn't see any open. Long story short, I BELIEVE my loss is around $50ish by the time I could get out so nothing of great significance, just a frustrating issue.

    Is anybody else having any problems tonight?
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  2. Update: I just rebooted TWS and the two live orders have cleared now and the actual trade confirmations have appeared. Possibly just my computer, I really don't know.

    Anyway, the guy at IB was very friendly. First time having to call with an issue and it went well.
  3. ...yeah, these kinds of problems with IB are talked about occasionally. Programmers that write chart trading programs talk of the difficulties with IB's API and more often than not it's about getting updates on orders. These same programmers are silent with regard to other API's so I have to believe that the problem really is with IB.

    IB has several ways to connect, I'm wondering if the standalone TWS isn't the worst?
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    I have had similar issues. So what i do now is if something looks wrong with an order i log into the mobile app and verify.
    It is crappy that I have to do that
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  5. Yeah good thought on using the app. I will probably try that next time if I run into issues. I can probably log into that faster than how long it takes to log out of TWS and back in