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  1. Does anybody know of the proper way to request IB to add features to their mobile app? I would like to be able to do futures spreads from my phone, it is relatively frustrating to not be able to enter, close, or adjust an open futures spread while on the go without legging out of it. I have sent a message to them before, but the individual basically just said they didn't offer it and didn't know if they would in the future.

    Anyways, just curious if anybody had any thoughts on this. I might be one of the few with any interest in it of course. I just am on the go a lot, and it makes it much easier to manage longer term stuff.

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    Do a ticket in account management and then email ibmgmt [at] interactivebrokers.com if you don't get a reply.
  3. You can see the pending orders screen on the mobile app.

    I usually put a pending order for any spreads when I'm in the Desktop TWS (usually at a price far away from mkt so it doesn't execute), and then adjust the price from my phone to get out of the position. It helps avoid having to leg out on the phone.
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  5. That is what I do now also, I did have one day where a spread moved significantly further than I expected and an entry order ended up executing, so now I put it much further away or just don't do it at all. I do leave orders in to sell and what not to adjust those. But entry orders I don't really leave open much anymore just in case.