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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by oktiri, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. def

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    The best I we can do is make the request.
    #51     Mar 2, 2005
  2. Hoi


    Thanks Def
    #52     Mar 2, 2005
  3. def

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    just rec'd word that it will be made available with one day of backfill.
    #53     Mar 2, 2005
  4. Hoi


    Hi Def,
    Great to hear.... so also the TWS-Charts for FX-crossings will be available? And those charts will have a much longer history than the one day for backfill only ?
    #54     Mar 2, 2005
  5. your better bet for FX crosses might be to chart
    the futures crosses that do volume
    #55     Mar 2, 2005
  6. Hayek


    Hi, Steve and def.

    Now your customers can trade two fx products in IB, Ideal Pro and Globex FX Futures. How do you compare these two products, their advantages and disadvantages to each other? Thank you.
    #56     Mar 2, 2005
  7. Nice spreads.
    #57     Mar 2, 2005
  8. Hi SethArb,

    I have thought about this as a way to use volume information while trading spot rates. I'm not sure it gives accurate information though. Spot rates are really the ones that are running the show, the futures just follows along for the ride. If IB can't offer the needs to chart crosses then it isn't satisfying the entire solution with their TWS API in my opinion.

    Everything I see about IB so far shows they are making regular progress which is good and I think shows their committment to making this a great product very soon. I will continue to watch this space as IB keeps improving their services and likely switch all my accounts there if their good work continues.

    #58     Mar 2, 2005
  9. TGM


    I must be missing something here. Since when do the futures crosses do any volume? The futures outrights are doing great volume. But for crossess I have yet to see much progress on CME for like Eur/Yen etc...
    #59     Mar 2, 2005
  10. my point was ... and I could be mistaken on this

    is that as of now there is no way using IB IDEALPRO FX to chart spot FX

    or chart SPOT FX CROSSES

    you can chart the major pairs in futures and even some of the major crosses that do a little volume

    ok ... maybe that is only using 60 minute bars over a week in the crosses ( futures )

    as far as futures following spot ... yes that is prob true , but with IB's tighter spreads in spot now and futures one can even choose which at any given time has the tightest spread and offers the best liquidity in case you need to "pay up"

    #60     Mar 2, 2005