IB: # of Shares traded

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by sunggong, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. So it looks like I have to keep track of how many shares I traded manually???

    Am I wrong?

    Is there a better way?
  2. Bob111


    i was asking about adding shares traded field in statements very long time ago...
    avg.commissions would be nice too.
    so far we got equity value time series instead..absolutely useless imo..along with internal rate of return..
  3. So I guess the answer is no and that I have to add them up manually....
  4. Bob111


    you can try to load statement in excel and simply sum all shares traded s(but IB did really good job to confuse you as much as possible with open\close\long \short trades)

    field in statement,where IB clarify, what you actually doing-adding or removing liquidity when trade take a place would be nice too.
  5. Thank you. I do the count already in EXCEL, but it would be nice to just open the daily statement and just see how many shares I've traded up to that point.

    There are so many info missing for unbundled commission fees, it's really a joke.