IBKR now offering Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc.

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  1. taipan77


    Thank you for finally getting there, now hopefully we can all start riding those trends on crypto but of course a lot of those big trends have already happened. But again thanks for getting us the service.
    #21     Oct 2, 2021
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  2. samovar


    Yeah, thank you soooo much IB

    Effective this afternoon, Tuesday, October 26, 2021, IBKR's trading platform will no longer support stop orders in crypto products. If you currently have a resting stop order in crypto, it will be cancelled overnight tonight.
    #22     Oct 26, 2021
  3. Overnight


    What could the impetus be for this decision?

    #23     Oct 26, 2021
  4. def

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    I wasn't involved in the discussion. I suspect the flash moves and poor liquidity create cascades with stops and causing potentially larger losses that occur in an instant and revert back seconds later. You can always use conditional limit orders as (pun intended) a stop gap.
    #24     Oct 27, 2021
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    FYI - update. The market order restriction is only for the physical crypto exchanges for the time being. Not listed products.
    #25     Oct 28, 2021