IB's TWS on Netbook

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TraderSU, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. I dont know about TWS, but I run NinjaTrader on an Aesus netbook and it does fine. I would go to one with the 10 inch screen though, which is what I have. It is small, but workable, especially where I have to use it.
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    Works fine, no problems. You can also connect an external monitor (at least up to 24") to your EEE PC.
  3. Great :) Your feedback is very helpful.

    TWS crashes on my computer at work if I start it along with other apps.
  4. Another guy who trades at work, huh? :)
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    i'm using MSI U100 10"-works fine with TWS.
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    Ninja Trader does not work on my Asus netbook.

    Some screens do, but NOT the one for foreign exchange - it is too tall.
  7. Can you increase resolution from the standard 1024x600
  8. Not unless you plug external monitor.
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