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  1. IF WP Carey can get over $70.50 we have a shot at about $84.....
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  2. It's just alternative energy BEP seems so much more safe compared to leasing to retail and others in a time of great recession... I'm really torn....
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  3. Geeze this is worse than internet dial up porn in the 1980's
    I email from Ct when I should be in NYC to a different part of Ct, that part of Ct emails NYC where the money mangers system is down, they email back up to CT which then emals firther into the hils of Ct where I sit passively smoking my Maui.

    Renewable energy stocks have also outperformed their oil and gas peers. Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. (NYSE:BEP), for example, is roughly unchanged year-to-date.<---

    I feel like these 2 income plays are moving BEP & WPC...
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  4. IN BCRX @ $3.50.-! i think...trying to decipher these emails
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  5. Welcome BCRX to the Now Portfolio Confirmed we are in!

    Good Move out of GNRC
    Generac Holdings Inc. (GNRC)
    103.38+4.22 (+4.26%) I think they report tomorrow Wall st is looking for down earnings-- I think the opposite I think it might be good earnings and more importantly a good guide forward.
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  6. Nobert


    Shower definetly helps with ideas. Many realizations came to me when standing there, with head down and eyes closed, just while enjoying the hot water.
    (thank you unconscious mind/quantum desktop in the head)

    Hmnn and getting fired part - Dalio had to beat his boss twice, before he got fired
    (seems that in those days, beating direct boss in fist fight, was not enough to get fired, so people had to do it twice, to their point clear),
    thus, getting laid on Monday - ain't that bad.

    Beside you knew what you want - a damn bath in office :D , while if you ask for the most people ,,What-do-you-want'' - they will reply a blur answer like ,,to be happy''.
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  7. Sounds like someone's earnings are going to be good--
    Egg-maker Cal-Maine denies price gouging allegations
    Apr. 24, 2020

    Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. (NASDAQ:CALM) denies any wrongdoing in a response to a Texas lawsuit alleging Covid-19-related price gouging.

    "Cal-Maine has not exploited this tragic national pandemic for gain," according to the statement, noting that there has been no change to their approach to pricing and "great volatility" has always existed in egg prices....

    I have to say I am eating a lot more eggs and bacon. I am picky and love those fresh farm eggs from happy hens.. does a big conglomerate like Cal-Maine offer any of that-?

    Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. produces, grades, packages, markets, and distributes shell eggs. The company offers specialty shell eggs, such as nutritionally enhanced, cage free, organic, and brown eggs under the Egg-Land's Best, Land O' Lakes, Farmhouse, and 4-Grain brand names, as well as under private labels. It sells its products to various customers, including national and regional grocery store chains, club stores, foodservice distributors, and egg product consumers primarily in the southwestern, southeastern, mid-western, and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. The company was founded in 1957 and is based in Jackson, Mississippi.

    I like that this distribution channel seems to be into some of the Sates opening earliest.

    Adding Cal-Maine to watch list. @$43.82..
    All the way back in 2015 $49 area was a low/
    Then in 2016 it broke down from the exact same area $49
    Recovery high end of 2017 was $49
    Triple top formed into 2018 at $49
    I think it's safe to say This Stock is going to $49.00!
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  8. A saw what great earnings LFUS had Littlefuse so I looked for a competitor I know-- POWI--

    Power Integrations, Inc. (POWI)

    107.07+8.69 (+8.83%)
    Wow big out performance....

    Appliances, Fast Chargers Boost Power Integrations Stock

    The appliance-power business — impacted by the U.S.-China trade war — saw a return to growth in the fourth quarter.
    In the Q4 earnings conference call, the company said one of its big growth drivers is a new generation of faster chargers. Revenue from the segment that includes chargers surged more than 80% in Q4 from a year ago. Power Integrations also won high-volume designs for fast chargers.

    "Thanks in part to the success of these products in the marketplace, our Communications category grew more than 25% in 2019, and we expect strong growth again in 2020," CEO Balu Balakrishnan said in the call. "Adoption of faster chargers is picking up steam, as consumers become aware of differences in charging speed and as OEMs incorporate larger batteries, a trend that is bound to intensify with the rollout of 5G devices. Also driving the market to higher power levels is the proliferation of ultrafast aftermarket chargers from companies like Anker and RAVpower."

    - a 5G play-... this sets up nice for later this week
    Adding POWI @ $107 to watch list.
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  9. Good Morning. It feels like the thrust higher has suddenly stopped in the market. That despite the good news on the drug front in battling the dreaded COVID. I am hoping for some pass through into BCRX today as folks think about what it means that GILD's drug remdesivir has to be administered through the vein at a hospital and BCRX's very similar drug can be taken as a pill.

    What's more interesting is the politics of al of this as I suggested there was immediate pressure on big GILD to make their anti viral " free. " You might as well stab a biotech investor in the heart... nobody read through the info close enough to gleam that fact but me. Now the way I see it little itty bitty scrapper BCRX who has spent all their money over the years developing this drug and one other... well they DESERVE to make money off whatever they come up with they are but a tiny company... And I think that is how it will play out!

    All eyes now turn towards Brazil. There is a risk of course that because the two companies drugs are different in their chemical make up that one will magically work and one will not.. but it also very possible that the innate function of both drugs work-- the virus is attacked and if we get lucky... BCRX's could show some better benefit due to dosing levels. I believe you can administer more of BCRX's drug than GILD's without the side effects that show up in GILD's.

    Positive remdesivir news 'bodes well' for BioCryst, says JMP Securities 11:16 BCRX, GILD After the placebo-controlled NIAID trial of Gilead Sciences' (GILD) remdesivir was reported to have met its primary endpoint, JMP Securities analyst Liisa Bayko said the news "bodes well" for BioCryst (BCRX), whose galidesivir shares the same mechanism of action. However, she does remind investors that the two antivirals have different chemical structures and galidesivir's potential benefit in COVID-19 treatment still needs to be borne out in its ongoing clinical trial.

    She expects that shares of BioCryst, which has an ongoing small double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 1 trial of galidesivir in Brazil, will trade up on Gilead's news. Bayko reiterates her Outperform rating and $10 price target on BioCryst shares.


    BEP Earnings May 6. This alt energy play needs to affirm their dividend.

    POWI Earnings May 7. If stock trades down between now and then... could be an interesting play.
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  10. W.P. Carey: A diversified approach

    Looking At W.P. Carey:

    Analysts have cut their price target 5.8% to US$77.33, suggesting concerns around W. P. Carey's valuation. It could also be instructive to look at the range of analyst estimates, to evaluate how different the outlier opinions are from the mean. There are some variant perceptions on W. P. Carey, with the most bullish analyst valuing it at US$92.00 and the most bearish at US$60.00 per share. This shows there is still some diversity in estimates, but analysts don't appear to be totally split on the stock as though it might be a success or failure situation.

    We would highlight that sales are expected to reverse, with the forecast 9.4% revenue decline a notable change from historical growth of 4.8% over the last five years.

    Portfolio includes industrial (24% of rents), office (22%), warehouse (21%), retail (18%), self-storage (5%), and "other" (the rest). On top of that, roughly a third of its revenue is derived from outside the United States, largely from Europe.

    W.P. Carey has increased its dividend annually for more than 20 years.

    The current yield, at around 7%, is the highest it has been since the last economic downturn. The FFO payout ratio, meanwhile, was around 90% in 2019. That number sounds high, but there's a very good reason: W.P. Carey is a net-lease REIT, which means that its tenants are responsible for most of the costs of the properties they occupy. To put it simply, W.P. Carey can simply sit back and collect rent. And with a lower-cost operating model, it can afford a higher payout ratio.

    Diversified REIT only has modest exposure to retail, about half of its rents come from areas (industrial and warehouse) that are expected to actually be in high demand because of COVID-19.

    So the Question is which price target is correct for WPC? It would seem the lower target of $60 has been exceeded. I like the name closer to $65 and it now is $67.92. That is why we have a watch list.
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