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    I wish I'd have caught your GW Pharma in the $70's. That was a steal. How's their story going btw? Epilox or whatever they call it?
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  2. April 3rd was just here. It seems. I just paid all these monthly bills and now I have to again! Bills for things I'm not even using like a Garage in NYC.... The market has been all over the place as has the fear. I didn't even notice any IPO's going off but would you believe a cancer biotech went public at $18 and is now over $30!!! WTF

    These syndicate desks are dead so how this slipped by them and me I don't know-- back to the fear I guess..Who is going to pony up blind? Especially if they have been burned by a bunch of flame out Bio Ipo's that have happened NGM, BCYC, etc... Believe me I know... alas this one smells a little bit different.

    The Stock is ZENTL-- just a terrible name.. sounds like a bad infomercial with Larry King.
    Zentalis Pharmaceuticals, LLC (ZNTL)

    $36.00 !! It looks like opening day pop was to $25 area from the ipo. 1st chance for u and me was that $25... lets keep that in mind... those folks are up $11... lucky bastards lets see when they would get nervous and sell.. probably a wobbly $ $32 that area... So lets look for approx $32 on a pull back while we research why these guys are so hot.

    How did I find this stock this morning. I surfed! Cool guys surf or so I have been told and most deff cool girls surf -- so AZN which I follow has hooked up with Oxford on the new vaccine that loosk oh so promising. I have come close to buying AZN a few times don't think this will result in huge earnings for them but i am watching. In my AZN research I found a reference to a partnership between AZN and this bio Zentalis. Zentalis? I said isn't that what you use for a curved penis?

    ... and so the journey begins.
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  3. What up Van! Great to hear from you. I hope you and yours are safe and sound.

    GW I must give myself a pat on the back- I rode that sucker up and got out I didn't marry it. Almost top ticked it. All my life that had been my problem-- I had a very very good ability to read the bio science stocks and a real good feel for them that I then turned into a love affair and a cure the world mentality that led me to ride many a round trip when the joy of the masses fades.

    I remember when we had long talks over CRSPR technology. This was supposed to be the year of CRSPR stocks... I still wonder if there could be any tie in with CRSP tech and this virus. Lets say worst case scenario the vaccine backfires in humans why couldn't we alter something in our DNA that would for instance make the outer lining of our lungs slippery... I know I'm sounding like the president here.. but the virus attaches to the lungs because it has these grippy things these hooks... why do some people get hooked by the virus and in some people the virus slides by? I've wondered about that.. what do the people that don't get it bad, what traits do they share?What DNA little differences might they have? What could CRSP splice in?... could some folks have damaged lungs or pitted rough lungs and some are born with a smoother lung sack...

    I've been selling out of the 2019 ET Trading Portfolio to start this new one.. I have not been able to get rid of my CRSPR play QURE. These guys are not as well known as the major players... Once we get past this virus if we ever do... it's back to this game changing technology! At some point i would think a bet in QURE is going to pay off.

    uniQure N.V. is foreign Crsiper stk.
    Netherlands<--! Isn't everything better in the Netherlands... Where is that anyway! It's like a fantastical location that may or may not exist. And that folks is stonedinvesting!

    Give us some ideas VAN!!!!
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  4. QURE--Completed Target Patient Dosing in Phase III HOPE-B Trial of Etranacogene Dezaparvovec in Hemophilia B ~

    ~ Announced 22 Presentations at Upcoming ASGCT Virtual Annual Meeting ~22!!!!!

    uniQure[/a]N.V. (QURE), a leading gene therapy company advancing transformative therapies for patients with severe medical needs, today reported its financial results for the first quarter of 2020 and highlighted recent progress across its business.

    Matt Kapusta,[/a]chief executive officer of uniQure. “I am very proud of the continued dedication of our employees in both the United States and the Netherlands, and thank them for the outstanding work they continue to do in driving forward our clinical programs, research pipeline, and manufacturing and technology operations. We are well positioned for an important second half of the year when we expect to announce new clinical data and advancements from across the business.”

    • The data presentations will highlight the Company’s industry-leading research and technology capabilities and feature new preclinical findings on the Company’s gene therapy candidates for hemophilia A, spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 and Fabry disease.
    >•Strong cash position to advance the Company’s programs

    • As of March 31, 2020, the Company held cash and cash equivalents of $342.0 million, which is expected to be sufficient to fund the Company’s operations into 2022.
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  5. OK this will be a big test-- Generac reported and they have lowered FY20 revenue growth view to (5%)-(10%) from 6%-8%. This is not unexpected and really down 5% growth in this environment how many businesses would kill for that? As for this quarter analysts were wrong-- Generac reports Q1 adjusted EPS 87c, consensus 80c <-- Not bad.

    We will have to see how the market takes it... Looks like a down 300 open. The stock wants to give back all of yesterdays gain. Back to that $99-$100 level.

    I am of a mind that they deserve credit for giving guidance-- GNRC will open down and then should go up. That's my vision.
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  6. WPC--

    Whilst it may not be a huge deal, we thought it was good to see that the W. P. Carey Inc. (NYSE:WPC) Independent Director, Robert Flanagan, recently bought US$82k worth of stock, for US$82.29 per share.

    While we’re hesitant to get too excited about a purchase of that size, we do note it increased their holding by a solid 27%.

    Over the last year, we can see that the biggest insider purchase was by Independent Director Mark Alexander for US$185k worth of shares, at about US$80.50 per share. So it’s clear an insider wanted to buy, at around the current price, which is US$83.50. <---

    Ok so just before the world fell apart these cats were buying their own stock at $80!
    Alright.. further digging:::

    Opinion of my money manager)

    WPC dividend is fine. Company is about 50% warehouse and industrial. Office proving relatively resistant. The triple net lease business in general is not good, but WPC is fine. Rock solid balance sheet.

    There was a filing in mid-April. WPC has all of these private subs which are both insiders and outsiders. These did file to purchase shares.

    Names of Person Filing
    This Statement is filed on behalf of the following person:
    (1) W. P. Carey Inc., a Maryland corporation (“WPC”),
    (2) Carey REIT II, Inc., a Maryland corporation (“Carey REIT”),
    (3) Carey Lodging Advisors LLC, Delaware limited liability company (“Carey Lodging”), and
    (4) WPC Holdco LLC, a Maryland limited liability company (“Holdco” and together with WPC, Carey REIT and Carey Lodging, the “Reporting Persons”).

    YIKES the whole family is buying....

    Stock currently @ $65.50 I think this is the level we talked about... I think I'm going in...
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  7. CALM looks interesting: stk @ $ 42.30
    -Resistance- 43.99
    Might make a run to all time high $54 area.
    Earnings are in a big uptrend for sure. Last Qtr they beat by 11 cents... concensus was 17 cents and they did 28cents! But look at the freakin' estimates-- Now expecting $1.30 for Q2 2020! That's rich-- that's business tripling. This becomes a priced to perection set up....

    This stk never really took a downturn... so when the world crashed it went down maybe six bucks and raced back up higher.. not quite the set up we are looking for.

    It does kind of stand out on a chart to me... We need this back to $38 area <-- Continue to watch.
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    @stonedinvestor, a good discussion, thanks for the details.

    WPC nice one, thanks for posting it.

    one REIT in a portfolio is enough.

    take a look at CIM the best out of the bunch from NLY, AGNC, TWO

    if taking a position on CIM I'd wait till after the news release
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    not for me, it's not a short or long hold, low volatility, low beta, low options IV

    keep looking
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  10. S&P 2,870 apparently is important. 2,842 now I think in the futures have we blown through important support? Or will we climb back to 2,870+ today and this
    will that be the scary retest-- rather than the lows?

    I think the next leg up will have to come from a infrastructure put people back to work type bill--


    Overall collection rate of 95% for April rent due ! BAM I THREW DOWN THE REPORT!

    In all seriousness lets see how the open goes down big of course. I should of mentioned to you all I have a near perfect record of making the market go down when I come on this site... completely use me as a counter trend if you can...-> It's true.. always huge moves that I buy all the way through...

    It's annoying. Ok this WPC report is so very interesting on so many levels. These guys did pull their FFO Funds For Operation forecast due to Covid... I have been hating on companies that do this.. but in this case I'm letting it go because so much of what I read sounded calm, rational and like management had a plan.--

    Best Idea from our watch for today is WPC...

    As to the egg idea... my thing is don't panic... but the meat is looking like it's disappearing off the shelves. Don't panic but I went to the local market here and yikes... about two choices. I have heard from their owner on TV that Stew Leonards I don't have one near me but they have secured some great lines of distribution with small farms & more importantly some outlets that used to serve the restaurants businesses.-- Brilliant!

    But that takes away from some of these farms I have been going to! my local one up the hill just sent away an animal... Cow... he'll be back in pieces in THREE weeks-- they are empty now... big freezer and in town it was looking pretty slim pickings... Don't panic. But I ask you won't people eat more eggs?

    My wife said eggs are hard to find as well.. Folks I fear a food crises here...
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