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  1. Never2old- That CIM looks risky as heck! Yield over 20%--
    Zacks Consensus Estimate

    This mortgage investor is expected to post quarterly earnings of $0.32 per share in its upcoming report, which represents a year-over-year change of -43.9%.

    Revenues are expected to be $114.70 million, down 22.2% from the year-ago quarter.

    Estimate Revisions Trend

    The consensus EPS estimate for the quarter has been revised 73.59% lower over the last 30 days to the current level. This is essentially a reflection of how the covering analysts have collectively reassessed their initial estimates over this period.

    Ok those are some horrible numbers... I do see
    Chimera Investment (NYSE:CIM) estimatesits GAAP book value per share was $12.25-$12.75 at March 27, 2020.

    That's 78%-85% higher than its share price of $6.88 at the close of business on the same day.

    I assume there is some government help out implied in this stock pick.... I feel Muchin here lurking... the goofy guy with the glasses...-->
    The Highest yield I am wiling to reach for now is IRM @ 10%...
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  2. Wait A minute! This is why the market is going down so much--

    Stock market news live updates: Stock futures fall after earnings, Trump's threat for China tariffs over pandemic

    Give me a break. These tariffs have been BS all along... SHOW ME THE MONEY! Tarriff this tarriff that yet where is the money? Trump said once it was in the treasury really? I can't find it.
    You know what happened during this pandemic when it started in China.. at some point China told the US we have too much going on to be bothered by any trade agreement. I think they all but virtually tore up the trade agreement on Zoom. China not paying any tarrifs and as long as the President has you thinking the Chinese are paying tariffs that's good enough for him.

    But that doesn't balance a checkbook. A lot of what is going on now is bluffing. You know when a company says we are going to buy so and so shares over time.. who actually checks? Well the Fed is going to support this and support that but has he even paid a cent yet?-- No he fixed the high yield panic just by bluffing. Now he can tip a toe in now and then and turn one or two shorts around and keep the market off balance without spending very much at all.

    China came through their worst Covid moment and as far as I could tell the Gov spent $3 mil... Take that in... Because of their strict society of instant imprisonment and threats they could get away by saying hey you-- whole city of people-- stay at home or you'll be arrested... No $1,000 checks were being mailed into Wuhan.

    China has since started to reflate their economy but for the longest time they held out. We are deep in debt and really setting up for trouble... and China has gotten away with spending much less. Who will emerge from all of this stronger?- China.

    China holds al the cards and china makes a lot of the drugs we need.. the reactive agents and all of that stuff used in all of this testing. China also has the rare earths. So when you see that we are going to put more tariffs on China don't sell the market laugh. laugh laugh laugh because I don't think China has paid one little bit. This is all a mirage. China has the upper hand over Trump. That's my opinion anyway. ~stoney
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  3. Well I did it // never easy especially this yield plays you have to buy in size // just takes a lot of guts... or herb. I see the market breaking but I'm buying for a year here... these are not flips, these are carefully thought out Ideas For Now--

    <<<Ideas For Now Summer Trading Portfolio >>>

    SNY: Sanofi 3.7% yield. Price: $46

    GNRC: Generec You're down already!

    AAWW: Atlas air

    LJPC: La Jolla- Septic Shock stk

    BCRX: Biocryst- anti viral for Covid

    WPC: REIT-6.3% yield. Price: $63

    Top Of My watch List Now is CASY--> Casy General Store they appear to be located in areas soon to open up. It's just the meat situation that I'm waiting for that to resolve...
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  5. Talk about relative strength) ) )
    Zentalis Pharmaceuticals, LLC (ZNTL)
    Price->34.51 Opened at 34.33!

    Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. (CALM)

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  6. Adding POWI @$98
    Power Integrations, Inc.

    Last Buy will be either CALM or CASY I believe....
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  7. <<<Ideas For Now Summer Trading Portfolio >>>

    SNY: Sanofi 3.7% yield. Price: $46

    GNRC: Generec You're down already!

    AAWW: Atlas air (Cargo)

    LJPC: La Jolla- Septic Shock stk

    BCRX: Biocryst- anti viral for Covid

    WPC: REIT-6.3% yield. Price: $63

    POWI: Tech play. Price $98
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  8. Well folks I just made breakfast for the three of us and I used six eggs. Normally I wouldn't even eat breakfast-- just out the door and into the wild streets of NYC. Up here in the woods of CT all you do is eat breakfast every day!!! Thus the egg play.
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  9. The start to a new week. Part of this process of re starting the economy must be a re evaluation of the work week. May I suggest " No Work Monday " One day a week reserved for total depression over the virus and the market. Then revived we start the work week on Tuesday.

    Lots of news today) ) ) ) Lets start with the bad. The guy that delivers the fed ex packages up here was in a really bad mood the otherday. He is now working SEVEN days a week basically against his will. My wife asked him do you want these hours and he looked at her like she was crazy. She gave him $20 and he just put it in his pocket without saying a word. Then this morning I read this:

    FedEx workers in Newark die from COVID-19
    May 5, 2020 3:02 AM ET|About: FedEx Corporation (FDX)|
    New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has asked FedEx (NYSE:FDX) about its safety protocols following a coronavirus outbreak at the company's air hub in Newark International Airport.

    At least five FedEx employees have died in recent weeks after testing positive for the virus, according to a report in the Commercial Appeal in Memphis and the Record in New Jersey.

    This is truly terrible news. Is the problem workers too close together? Or could the problem be on the packages. Truly terrifying with ramifications. The guys up here in CT are delivering trucks like it's the day before Christmas EVERY day. The trucks are filled to the max.

    / / / /

    On to some god news. BCRX got an important Barclys upgrade so if you all didn't believe me your stonedinvestor you can believe Barclys.. Price target $7 folks and I say that's low!

    Sanofi appears to have gotten good results in a skin cancer trial along with partner I want to say REGN but don't quote me... AerCap is a lease jet confusing company, I've owned them before they would appear to have a lot of issues in this time; they sell and lease into China and elsewhere but wow did they report wamo earnings! <-- This will be a good test case on the market overall world conditions vs actual earnings... (AER)
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  10. It's going to be interesting when we eventually have a bunch of vaccines to choose from. Making the wrong choice then could prove to be a real health problem. Personally I wouldn't go for the first one-- things rushed are never the best or safest!

    At some point maybe we will go through the various choices.. The safest best probably would be to wait for the Pfizer product. One company that I feel is going to be in the final solution of this Covid is pesky REGN now over $500! <-- Break out! Wow I have lost track this stock is always to expensive to afford any decent amount it's like TSLA so I don't follow it as closely as I probably should. Management here is as good as it gets the top guy anyway, he's a genius.
    News Today is Good!
    Regeneron to Begin Human Studies of Covid-19 Treatment in June
    May 5, 2020
    Pharmaceutical giant Regeneron and its partner Sanofi are prepping to begin phase 3 human studies of its REGN-COV2 antibody "cocktail" treatment for the Covid-19 virus as soon as next month. Alongside its quarterly earnings release, Tarrytown, New York-based Regeneron on Tuesday said it was planning to begin testing the cocktail on humans in June, and also was working to scale up manufacturing of the treatment, according to CEO Leonard Schleifer. The drug, co-produced with Sanofi,,,,

    So this is Not a Vaccine it is a antibody cocktail and that is what is working I think this is a stage before vaccine-- it's a needed treatment. What it means to the bottom line of REGN is unclear they will certainly be in the news a lot in June and maybe their quiet partner gets some love--- SANOFI the back door play!
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