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  1. I don't know what to do about REGN. I should just put it in the Ideas For Now portfolio because it is truly an idea for now! But I don't want to be like the rest of the guys and girls here at Elite putting ideas out there that they can later take credit for or run away from without any skin in the game. My thing is each and every time I have come on this site it has been my money on the line, my ideas, my thoughts, my particular pain and then hopefully gain.. My misery. And you can't be real if you are not actually living the inns and outs of investing.

    So 25 shares of REGN is not going sound good... What would 50 cost? what's the point... I guess this is where options come in... REGN is going to $700+. REGN will become the TSLA of tomorrow and most likely usher in an era of Biotech investing... which really in the long run couldn't be a better thing for me...

    Brookfield reported and kept the dividend! BEP last 5 years up 45% This year Up a bit... Dividend is payable June 30 // Ex Nay 29<----- So one idea will be to get into this alternative energy LP..

    Watch List:



    Wouldn't it be nice if every earnings report read like this one....
    Financial Results and Highlights">Financial Results and Highlights

    We remain well-capitalized, with a strong balance sheet and $2.4 billion in cash and investments. Enabled by our financial strength, we have the resources to execute on our near- and longer-term strategic priorities, even in the challenging COVID-19 pandemic We are reaffirming our 2020 financial guidance, including ending 2020 meaningfully profitable. We expect our results to be driven by continued significant commercial revenue and R&D revenue from numerous programs...

    Can you guess the company?

    Finally some numbers to work with on LJPC.

    La Jolla reports Q1 EPS (32c), consensus (79c) 08:38 LJPC For the three months ended March 31, 2020, GIAPREZA U.S. net sales were $7.6M, up 73% from the three months ended March 31, 2019 and up 5% from the three months ended December 31, 2019.

    Vials of GIAPREZA shipped from distributors to hospitals grew 58% for the three months ended March 31, 2020

    sales up 73% we are only growing from here so assume I think above 73% growth next QTR... Most of these European emergency approvals came within the last month i doubt they are fully represented in these numbers.
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  2. Selling Atlas Air at $40. Purchase Price $23 offered to you all around $27.

    Moving the proceeds into Churchill Downs I will expand on this later. CHDN

    I am in NYC! Boy it's weird heading back to Ct shortly. ~stoney
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  3. <<<Ideas For Now Summer Trading Portfolio >>>

    SNY: Sanofi 3.7% yield. Bought at $44--- hasn't gone far. $47.80

    GNRC: Generec Bought under $100. Looks good.-> $114 now

    AAWW: Atlas air (Cargo) SOLD!!!! 1st sell of the portfolio!!!<---- SOLD!

    LJPC: La Jolla- Septic Shock stk Giving them 1 more earnings report!

    BCRX: Biocryst- anti viral for Covid-- hasn't moved much yet expecting news soon.

    WPC: REIT-6.3% yield. Price: $63// I'm afraid to look where it is.

    POWI: Tech play. Purchase $98--- $111now

    < CHDN > Looking for a pullback today.....
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  4. Kimball Electronics, a contract electronics manufacturer, makes printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies, along with design, engineering, prototyping, testing, and packaging. It makes electronics for the automotive industry (infotainment systems), as well as the medical (MRI equipment), industrial (portable tool chargers), and public safety -->(thermal imaging systems) sectors. <-----Formerly a subsidiary of Kimball International, Kimball Electronics was spun off by its parent as a publicly traded company in 2015.

    Folks I have been looking into this company as a an under the radar thermal imaging play. I have been unable to precisely define the opportunity for Kimball but I do see old news stories of contracts with FLIR for other products so there is the chance that Kimball could benefit from any ramp up by FLIR in the thermals which they are doing in a big way.

    Kimball sells a lot of medical MRI and other electronics and those are way down because of the hospital non essential surgeries that were canceled. These are now coming online and so Kimball should see that sales line arc back up. The other area of worry is automotive and there I really do not have a good grasp of how bad the situations is.

    Putting KE on Watch List along with CHDN. ~stoney



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  5. never2old


    @stonedinvestor, thanks for your updates which I find interesting.

    have you looked at/considered the movie/cinema stocks or the casino resort stocks?
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    I know you like the whole biotech thing, and you seem somewhat informed in the area.

    I was watching some news clip and they were talking about vaccines etc and in the background they were running file footage of labs making various vaccines. I was looking at that equipment. That is some very precision high tech stuff. Its not like running an automobile down an assembly line by any means. I mean that is some highly specialized machinery.

    Where am I going with this? If 9-11 is any guide, and I think it is... going forward the threat of another Covid-type bug or worse, is gonna be a real concern. They are saying that the tech required to replicate something nasty like this is easier now than it ever was in the wrong hands. Its a very real threat.

    No matter who gets elected in November, they are going to have to seriously increase the amount of labs required for the production of vaccines. They're gonna have to build more, even if they wind up being underused. We have no choice. Just like 9-11, they'll once again have to plan and allow for the worst case scenario. Money will be no object and this has shown we have to have the capability to produce 10's of millions of whatever antidote is required in a very short period of time.

    What's the play? I think its the companies that make those machines. I have no idea what companies that would be. Or if they are even public. But somebody is making that stuff... and they are going to be getting some big orders and lucrative government contracts here real soon.

    Thought I'd throw it out there for ya if you wanted to do some digging. Be interested to see what you turn up.
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  7. Somewhat informed? That's like calling Michael Jordan Sort Of Good!
    The ole' pick and axes method.

    Before we get into that lets pick up where we left off a year ago Van... If you remember we were talking about sports betting and how that will sweep the nation... well something swept the nation but it turned out to be this virus. So here we are a year later and look at he financial distress of the various cities. I believe NYC is going to have to legalize online sports betting this upcoming year.

    Last year I highlighted CHDN under $100 and I took a nice ride up getting off somewhere long before it topped out-- my memory is $160 but don't quote me. This is normally a great gambling stock but now entering this home stretch as it were we have had this development of dead horses. This Santa Anita racetrack based horrifying development broke just before the Pandemic and there were great cries to stop all horse racing. Even a triple crown horse was shown to be running on banned substances... the sport is dirty and what's worse criminal.

    That being said it's a wonderful sport when run correctly and all the drama about this horrible virus has taken the starch out of many things-- the protest over horse racing among them. Now we have a situation when the Derby has been moved forwards but not canceled. Will there be fans? Still to be determined I think but CHDN has transformed itself into an online betting powerhouse and has casinos small ones all over the place. Using their technology and in house tech CHDN is making some money even when all of Vegas is closed.

    Vegas is really scary folks. Really really scary-- it's a ghost town that may never come back. It may exist only in our minds from here on out with thousands and thousands of empty rooms.
    People will still want to gamble and so they will do so on their smart phones.

    Here we are 1 year later... and I'm right back about to buy CHDN again.

    I have a new name for the watch list Sea Lmted. SE.


    KE- Possible thermal heat detector play...

    CHDN- Gambling

    SE- Multi faceted far east stock ex China... Singapore based.

    Ok back to your question about the lab equipment.....

    Top 10companiesoperating in life sciences andlaboratory equipmentmarket
    • Agilent Technologies, Inc. ( U.S.) ...
    • Becton, Dickinson and Company (U.S.) ...
    • Bio-RadLaboratories, Inc. ( ...<------------Immediately Bio-Rad pops out
    • Danaher Corporation (U.S.) ...
    • Hoffmann-La Roche (Switzerland) ...
    • PerkinElmer, Inc. ( ...
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. ( ...<--- old reliable
    • Waters Corporation (U.S.)

    The companies Jefferies analysts like in that space,Bio-Rad Laboratories(BIO),Danaher(DHR),Thermo Fisher Scientific(TMO).

    In vaccines there could be enough of the messenger RNA-based vaccines available in 2021 to treat up to 1.5 billion people, and enough of the adenovirus vector vaccines in 2021 to treat up to 2.5 billion people... And that there could be around one billion doses of the protein subunit vaccine being developed bySanofi(SNY) andGlaxoSmithKline(GSK) in 2021.

    Keep in mind mRNA and adenovirus vaccines have never been marketed, let alone manufactured or commercialized at global scale... Which leads me to big boring stock that I purchased Sanofi. SNY. I think it may do nothing but sport a decent dividend that can be payed for a long time and then suddenly take off. In an up and down market which I foresee that may not be the worst thing. ~stoney
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  8. Good Sunday morning Elite Investors-!

    Yup working on a Sunday morning. Let that sink in if you are a younger investor. The thinking never stops or at least it shouldn't.

    Thanks for the shout out Never2Old
    have you looked at/considered the movie/cinema stocks or the casino resort stocks?

    There was an interesting development that sort of died down Amazon was looking at AMC theaters as AMC was heading down the drain. That is I think the direction we may be going with NFLX buying a chain AMZN buying a Chain and maybe Disney. So a complete change over, Cinemas perhaps purchased out of bankruptcy and with just few mega tech players in charge. Yikes that's he way the whole world may be. Real estate included.

    As the market shoots up led by the same names I really worry about this. Yet if these Giant names don't step up who will? With the advent of bigger screens at home the movie business was on the ropes anyway, it took a really good movie to get you to go and at that time bed bugs is really the biggest thing we had to worry about. Yea these comfy seats where people kick back and rest their heads in head rests... it's practically sleeping and thus the bed bug problem. That actually was enough to keep me away from the theaters. Now we he Corona Virus. It's HARD NOT TO THINK THE MOVIE GOING EXPERIENCE IS DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

    Drive in theaters are being heralded as the new way... This feels like a reach back to the 1950's all that food in the car, between these drop offs and pick ups at curbs and now movie theaters and I presume banking in the car the car becomes a very different and important aspect of life. all of this may save the automobile business. Scented Christmas trees to hang from the rear view... That's not a bad business now.

    Vegas as I touched on above may be just a memory from here on out. They may just seal off the entire city. The idea of licking salt off a naked dancer... it still appeals of course but not quite as much/ Six feet is six feet and in the world of high end escorts and rock and roll nights filled with cocaine... That world just doesn't fit in our current situation. The idea of letting one's guard down-- that's out the window it's constant diligence-- I'll tell you a personal story I am not proud of. At a New York Giant home game last season I went into a porto potty after another member of our group had used it and found to my shock a giant line of white substance ON the top of the toilet paper area... There were kids outside tossing footballs and I just couldn't leave that for someone else to discover. I stared at it a long time thinking what could I catch here... Anthrax.... A common cold. In the end for the good of the community, I took care of the problem. That will probably be the last time ever for me...

    So things end rather quickly in this new pandemic age.

    There is a REIT- Gaming & Leisure Properties. (GLPI)

    GLPI is engaged in the business of acquiring, financing, and owning real estate property to be leased to gaming operators in triple-net lease arrangements, pursuant to which the tenant is responsible for all facility maintenance, insurance required in connection with the leased properties and the business conducted on the leased properties, taxes levied on or with respect to the leased properties and all utilities and other services necessary or appropriate for the leased properties and the business conducted on the leased properties.

    Could they have said the word ' leased ' more! They are one of these tricky companies that is hard to figure out what they are on the hook for. Triple net lease stuff -- if you're good at it, there's ways of always laying the blame and risk off on someone else. I started following this REIT at $27. I felt that the ' opening ' of Vegas would lead to a rise but a Quick Reality will sink in.
    The stk has risen to $34<-- That's $7 missed by yours truly.

    22 days ago they even declared a dividend which I thought for sure they would have to cancel-! That's really the reason I stayed away. How did they do that? They fully drew down their credit line and borrowed $530 mil!

    There's a purchase of The Tropicana here from Penn that muddies up the picture and master leases to Boyd etc. So the good news they are financially liquid now... they have furloughed approximately 86% of its employees while continuing to fund benefits through May 31, 2020. These actions have reduced the monthly expenses in the TRS Properties to below $1 million per month.


    On February 20, 2020, the Company’s Board of Directors declared the first quarter 2020 dividend. Shareholders of record on March 6, 2020 received $0.70 per common share, which was paid on March 20, 2020. <---

    On April 29, 2020, the Company's Board of Directors declared a second quarter dividend of $0.60 per share of the Company's common stock, consisting of a combination of cash and shares of the Company's common stock. <-- Ok this is weird a combo of stk and cash. I can't remember seeing this before....

    The dividend will be paid on June 26, 2020, to shareholders of record on May 13, 2020. The cash component of the dividend (other than cash paid in lieu of fractional shares) will not exceed 20% in the aggregate, or $0.12 per share, with the balance, or $0.48 per share, payable in shares of the Company's common stock. <-- yikes!

    The new quarterly dividend level reflects the impact of the COVID-19 closures on the Company's business and anticipates that the Company's major tenants will continue to fulfill payment of their financial obligations to the Company. Further, it is anticipated that the portion of dividends to be paid in shares will be limited to periods during which non-cash rents are realized by the Company.

    Well these major tenants are not a sure thing going forwards. In the end I deemed this REIT a stage too risky. ~stoney
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  9. I have been watching one other small biotech. It is a $3 stock but it trades an average of
    over 6 million shares a day and has a market cap of over a billion-? A float of about 436 million shares... I'm not sure how this is a billion market cap but that's what Yahoo says.

    I believe this qualifies as ok to talk about here and this Tues there will be an update and I'm either going to get greedy Monday or Not.

    The Stock is CytoDyn Inc. (CYDY).

    If you have heard about the terrifying new problem with children and this virus you know that it has to do with their immune system over responding and creating a storm of cytokines which attack healthy cells as well...
    Originally an HIV anti viral medicine, this product by Cytodyn targets the CCR5 receptor in the body which in turn appears to control these Cytokine storms.

    CytoDyn Inc. (CYDY), (“CytoDyn” or the “Company"), a late-stage biotechnology company developing leronlimab (PRO 140), a CCR5 antagonist with the potential for multiple therapeutic indications, announced today that Nader Pourhassan, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, and Jacob Lalezari, M.D., Chief Science Officer, will host an investment community conference call on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 to provide a comprehensive update on several recent clinical and regulatory developments.

    Management will dedicate approximately 30 minutes to address questions from analysts and investors.

    I have made a bet already on La Jolla because they have a product that they are selling already
    and it's for Septic Shock. All of these Hospital visits by so many people and Septic Shock I would imagine is happening alot. La Jolla is through the FDA process and so far less risky with upside potential. This Bio CytoDyn is much more on the come and thus I've been following the news flow but holding back.

    If this product Leronlimab does as advertised and control that Cytokine Storm-- it will become a very important bullet for when this virus re appears. We now know just because a youth passes the virus without effects that are obvious they are NOT out of the woods... Their immune system may be on overdrive. ~stoney

    CytoDyn to Prepare a Phase 3 Protocol to Submit to the FDA for a Three-Arm Comparative and Combination Trial of Leronlimab and Remdesivir

    CytoDyn and the Mexican National Institutes of Health Participate in a Collaborative Study of Leronlimab for the Treatment of Severe/Critical COVID-19 Population

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  10. PS: Another Yellow light on CYDY is the very low cash position so they will drop a secondary with any good news as all Bios do...
    Balance Sheet
    Total Cash(mrq) 7.06M
    Total Cash Per Share(mrq) 0.01
    Total Debt(mrq) 4.12M
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