Identical twins compared a vegan diet with meat-eating, and found the vegan diet led to fat loss and

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    • Ross and Hugo Turner, a pair of identical twins known as "the adventure guinea pigs," decided to compare a vegan and omnivorous diet and found some striking differences in the results.
    • The twin on the vegan diet had more energy and lost body fat, while his meat-eating counterpart gained more muscle, but also more fat.
    • They also noticed a difference in their gut microbiomes, the beneficial bacteria insider the body that might explain how various diets can prevent chronic disease.
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    You missed the part in the article (at least the one I read) about the vegan losing his libido...

    But really an interesting experiment!
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  3. Bugsy


    Maybe one could take a supplement on top of. Plus they state that may not be something everyone runs into. But yeah, pretty cool experiment. Makes me want to try a vegan diet just for the health and energy benefits.
  4. I read this article yesterday but from what I remember: A vegan diet will make you skinny, weak and your 10lb sausage will disappear. What the hell good is that? OMG
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    Yeah but those black bean nachos though.
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    But if you get really fat you have the same problem. I heard that, no personal experience.:D
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    If you have Netflix...Watch the documentary called “game changer”. Lots of top athletes going vegan.. and doing very well if not better! Very interesting.
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    ".........losing his libido..........."!
    Considering I'm in the UK and we're under a second lockdown and all you can do is go out and buy food or jog round the park once a day perhaps I should give this vegan thing a try. I'm climbing the walls here lads..............