If you were recruiting traders...

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  1. If you were recruiting senior traders for your desk/firm/fund, what would you want to see in regards to background, evidence, stats?

    How would you go about separating the wheat from the chaff?
  2. I would never recruit a "senior" trader - that's an inherently flawed approach. If I were recruiting traders, I would look for four things:

    1) Intelligence
    2) An interest in trading
    3) A competitive nature
    4) No trading background
  3. Pekelo


    A blank mind with no preconceptions....
  4. Retief


    The best recruits would have a credit card and be willing to pay a $7,000 training fee.
  5. Hell, you could take that guy on as an Executive Senior Trader :D
  6. Or put another way, if you were looking for traders to trade for you, what would you want to see during the screening process?
  7. A fantastic set of breasts.

  8. In all seriousness, someone who never heard of ET.
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    My impression is the OP isn't a trader and doesn't intend to be one. He just happened to have a little money, have heard prop shops have potenatial to be hugely profitable and is looking to set up a prop shop.

    If the above is a good guess, what you need is a partner whose credentials as a trader you would not doubt. Above all the person should have unbreakable discipline. As usual, the best criteria is a history of success in trading business. If the budget is insufficient to lure such a person, an executive recruiter may be helpful at creating a shortlist based on whoever is affordable.
  10. Very non-standard trading approach with at least a previous 24 month profitable track record. Someone a bit rough around the edges (has some events/life experiences where the person was definitely able to feel their limitations....like former military, etc) and not too polished. The all college techie/brainiacs need not apply.....all books and no battles....no thank you! Someone in there early 30's or orlder....that would be my short list.
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