If you were recruiting traders...

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  1. His personal bank balance.
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    i would employ everyone of them on a sim, and fade the majority, job done.
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    I think the dynamics are a bit different. Football is a team game while one of the big draws of trading is that, once you reach a certain level, you have no need to work for anyone else. Why would any successful trader be out looking for work, and why would he let you keep any of his profits?

    On the one hand you have prop firms and HFT shops that provide access to capital, technical services, or infrastructure on what's essentially a fee basis. These will want people with experience and minimal need for hand-holding. On the other hand you might decide to hire a few people, train them in your methods, and have them trade your capital on a profit-sharing basis - sort of an apprenticeship. In the latter case you're going to be targeting kids fresh out of college (or even in college) with little money and no trading background, not psych-damaged failed traders, over-the-hill types who lost their edge, or successful traders with no use for your capital and training.
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  5. The quote i should save as a background on my desktop..
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    It might be a flawed approach but I'd certainly like to try it. Can't seem to find one anywhere.
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    It might be an inherently flawed approach but I'm giving it a try. Not having much luck at the moment though.
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  8. That is not good enough. Oliver Velez now charges 12k training fee. He even does it online - maximum number of recruits, minimum interaction!

    See if you can anyone to pay more! That is the best traders you can train.
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  9. What protection they use in case of a disaster.
    No, not stop-loss BS

    Maybe puts or something.
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  10. I hired few traders in my life.. and all came through recommendations.

    That s usually how it works in the banking world.
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