IL state income taxes to go up 75%?!?!?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Maverick74, Jan 7, 2011.

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  2. Mav, I got the hell out Chicago. I do miss the beauty of the City but I do not miss the Taxation.

    IL has to tighten its belt up more than Jersey.

    So, Hang in their and put your seat belt on, Blue State is heading for some serious rough weather ahead before you see Sun Shine!

    Last thing you guys need is Muni's in IL defaluting.
  3. “We are in desperate need,” Cullerton said at a news conference in his office.


    DUH! How about scaling back public employee Multi-$Million retirement packages rather than hiking taxes! (Got news for you... retired teachers don't deserve $200K/yr + COLA at taxpayer expense.)
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    You know the tax increase wouldn't bother me that much if city bus drivers with a high school education weren't making 70k a year. Honestly I don't know what's going to stop IL from having to go up to 10% to 12% like CA and NY. If that happens, Chicago will be a ghost town and condo prices will plummet 80%. The democrat machine in Chicago is alive and well.
  5. Almost making me feeling better about living in tax hell Wisconsin. At least we will have Walker torching Demosocialist programs, and shutting down the Doyle criminal empire at the state level.
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    it's only a matter of time...question to all states-any plans to cut spending? like Mav-i have no problem to support the state via higher taxes,but i really like to see how they spent my dollars. i would like to see a lot of cuts,if they are so desperate. right now IL and many other states looks like a white trash average joe,who bought that mc' mansion in 2007 and now don't have money to keep it warm..
    hey! i'm desperate here! i'm freezing! i need some money for a heating oil! fucking sell it,take the loss and move back to the fucking trailer.
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    Before you Rinos jump all over the Dems, know the history of this. It was Republican governor Thompson who raised the state tax twice in the 1980's temporarily. This is the third time they are doing it. Key word is temporarily.

    too bad a true fiscal conservative can't get elected.
  8. Troll thread.

    Seriously. THe poster should not trade - he can not do highschool maths.

    It is not "up to 75%", it is "up 75%.

    So, if it was 4% before, it would now be 7% (75% of 4%), not 75%.

    No idea where it WAS. Anyone knows?

    But it is avery big difference. One a schoolkid should see. A trader HAS to see.
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    Maybe you should get an eye exam. The thread states taxes to "go up 75%" not "up to". Current rates are 3%. The new rate would be 5.25%. Please go troll somewhere else.
  10. So what: Hardly a rise I would not accept. I just got informed my social security payments by law go up about 40%. Not so relevant as I pay hardly anything.

    Same here.
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