Institutions Are Wading Into Ethereum

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    "Crypto-convert JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM) is looking to hire skilled Ethereum developers to fill up at least 64 open positions.

    According to a job posting on recruitment site Glassdoor, the US banking giant wants to hire blockchain developers that are skilled in Ethereum, Corda, and Hyperledger development.

    "New York, NY, April 13, 2021 – Today, ConsenSys announced the final close of its $65M formation round to accelerate the convergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3 applications on Ethereum with enterprise blockchain infrastructure. Global financial services firms J.P. Morgan, Mastercard, and UBS invested alongside leading blockchain companies, including Protocol Labs, the Maker Foundation, Fenbushi, The LAO, and Alameda Research. Additional investors include CMT Digital, Greater Bay Area Homeland Development Fund, SNZ Holding, NGC Ventures, Quotidian Ventures, and Liberty City Ventures. Several funds invested with Ethereum-based stablecoins, DAI and USDC, as consideration."

    "Visa is piloting transaction settlement in stablecoins on the Ethereum blockchain.

    The credit card provider that moves billions of dollars each day in 200 markets today announced it accepted the first settlement payment in U.S. Dollar Coin (USDC), a cryptocurrency pegged to U.S. dollar in a 1:1 ratio, from its global crypto wallet partner over the Ethereum blockchain. This marks the launch of a pilot which would allow to settle a portion of its obligations for the Visa card program in USDC. On the backend, Anchorage, the first federally chartered digital asset bank and Visa’s digital currency settlement partner, acted as a custodian, with funds being sent from to Visa’s Ethereum address at the bank. Visa plans to extend the offer to additional partners later this year.

    It's easy to see why.

    DeFi TVL 6 mo. chart
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    Which skilled ETH developer wants to work at a bank? Especially a bank run by a nocoiner? That's the catch 22. Talent wants to go into real crypto projects, not desperate bankers
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    That's a good question. None of the Solidity devs I know. Not to mention there aren't nearly enough Solidity devs to cover the demand in DeFi let alone CeFi.
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  4. Banks have a habit of paying top $

    They dont do this out of goodness. But because no one good would work for them otherwise.
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  5. Yep, Ethereum still hasn't blasted off yet. One of the biggest reasons is everyone is sick of the Ethereum gas fees which are without a doubt, ridiculous... But there has been rumors of a new upgrade that hopefully fixes this. Just nobody knows the day or the hour this will happen...
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  6. Proof that it's ETH's technology that is interesting, not ETH / USD as an asset class / digital gold / currency.
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    EIP-1559 is likely coming July 14th during the London hard fork

    Ethereum could move to full the PoS consensus by 2022. After the miners made threats over 1559 it sounds like the core devs want to accelerate getting to proof of stake.
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    I agree, the technology is interesting and there's a ton of innovation happening but ETH the token is critical to the network and a good investment, imo. It's the networks reserve currency, a commodity (gas), and soon the collateral by which the entire security layer will depend on. It will have a natural yield/risk free rate (PoS staking yield) and potentially deflationary (EIP-1559 BASEFEE burn) giving it an attractive monetary policy and putting it on the path to becoming a SoV down the road.
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  9. @mlawson71 Bitcoin being the pioneer is seen as the face of cryptocurrency. It paved the way for the entire industry. If you ask someone who is not well acquainted with the crypto market, will at least tell you that he has heard of Bitcoin, if not more than that. Many participants compare the value of other altcoins with bitcoin instead of comparing it with fiat currency. This is the impact of bitcoin on other cryptocurrencies. If bitcoin sinks again it will drown other currencies with itself.
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