Interactive Brokers claims no execution on any NYBOT products... my FCOJ!!!

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  1. Am long FCOJ futures and puts. Looking to get out. IB is not executing me. They are telling me they have no execution on any NYBOT products. Can anyone verify this??? Something is fishy here.....

    I hit the bid, no execution. i sell below the bid, no execution. incomplete bid ask quotes in the option chain. HOLY HELL

  2. was able to adjust my positions electronically. that was fcking scary.... what the f is going on in these here markets?

    IB cus serv was NO help. Claimed they had no way to execute me in any ice/nybot product. just hope that was an exchange issue and not my broker gaming me.

    do i hold these futures through hurricane Irma landfall? what to do? i guess the sell orders have to be in place well beforehand... limit up and you can't get executed on your profitable futures positions. Any vets with FCOJ experience?
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    My OJ (just "OJ" to populate Quote Monitor page) is/has been fine, for the last hour, including Nov09 FOPs. (FWIW and all that.)

    {follow-up} More "FWIW": I have seen the Not Executing stuff even in the ES, if the market gets stingy enough. Right now? With Irma hitching up her skirt and looking to wade ashore? I wouldn't be blaming IB, I'd be looking at the market: IB can only execute when there's another side to the trade. What you've described is what happens in the S&P in the 10 minutes prior to an FOMC announcement, where the market looks you [and your trade] steadily in the eye and says, "Yeah. Good luck with that."
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  4. That's scary..... i mean, am i supposed to AVOID OJ over the next 5 days? The risk reward is too good.
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    When the next crash comes, my fear is that many investors will run into the same problems with their brokers becoming "inaccessible" all of a sudden.
  6. Long and limit up??? Could be worse... You could be short!
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    The OP said he put in offers below the bid and didn't get filled. That's a much different thing than not having another side to trade, i.e. no bid.
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    Seen it.
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    IB has had a lot of problems with NYBOT access in the last year. Last winter, I couldn't see KC spread markets for a few days( but could submit orders...perhaps the OP just had a stuck quote he couldn't hit because it wasn't there ).It looks recurrent. It must be some kind of programming or server errors.
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    I've been eyeing OJ for tomorrow on IB... Should I think twice?

    PS My first post :)

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