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  1. No tendies for that guy. Stay Poor
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  2. As for the Metaverse... I've already watched it crash & burn the first time when it went through the Boom & Bust in the 90s. Or.. maybe we should call it the Great Deflate.

    The only people now going crazy for this, are those who didn't see it the first time. They were in their diapers back then. So suddenly it's a NEW tech thing all of a sudden.

    Same shit... different generation. Only difference is that NFTs may be swappable from one chain to another. THAT is what you are banking on. And you don't need Metaverse for that.

    On the flip side, Atari pretty much went through the Boom & Bust hard-core in the 80s...
    Nintendo came around later on to pick up all the pieces again, then turned things around, then Sega and everyone else tried to re-jump back on the band-wagon and competition ensued.

    The saddest thing to see, was Commodore go broke, but many blame the incompetence of the CEO for that.
  3. Computers and video games provided a tangible service.

    Crypto ? Other than getting ripped off by bad actors and online gambling, not so much
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  4. %%
    LOL:D:D Actually on a speed read on that crypto cr-p article @ the bottom they finally disclose truth. Restricting supply like diamonds will not auto increase $$.
    But checking a real market like DIAmonds , slightly decreasing monthly volume since 2008/ seems to be helping. NOT a prediction + not insured by any federal agency:D:caution: