Investing in Drawdowns

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  1. Can you explain in one paragraph... why the market generally looks like this, before the opening bell?
    Establishing an accurate and refined and enriched market hypothesis is vital,
    This process is key, and the Holy Grail. It's Knowing, reasonably, what to expect for, assume for, and position for.
    Suppose you know this....fairly would be wise to bet down around 9:44 and sell around 11:17
    If someone understands this process, daily, they can get rich in the market,
    And don't ask me to explain it in further, specific, technical, detail -- I won't, for obvious reasons.
    Believe me or don't believe me, I could care less.
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  2. schizo


    Okay, so I see you like answering question with a question.

    Not surprising. That's a typical reply given by self-proclaimed gurus, who you look down upon. But just what makes you any different, other than the fact that your advice is "free"?

    Most of your profound thoughts you freely share here have already been talked about by other gurus, and certainly dealt in numerous trading books, all of which you find beneath your noble sensibility.

    My mama used to say, "In jackass's eyes, everyone looks like a jackass". So true.
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  3. Show me a trader who can truly trade the market, the S&P daily/intraday....and I can pretty much guarantee you they won't be writing, authoring, multiple books on trading. But rather printing some serious money for themselves, privately, daily.
    Book authors can be some of the most self-absorbed clowns, just trying to enrich themselves with common, useless, vague, theoretical, knowledge. Conning the dumb, ignorant, naive masses, while selling a dream that will never, actually, materialize for those zombies.
    Schizo 20,22
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  4. schizo


    That's exactly my point. :banghead: What have YOU done to show that you are any different than those gurus? So far, you've said nothing of any substance. In fact, what you write are the same crap covered by those same gurus. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, to each his own.

    Do you ever see yourself in a mirror?
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  5. easymon1


    Yeah, It is pretty simple, and sad. MacBoo has nothing constructive to say. For example...
    Right MacBoo? Just answer the three questions below if you are feeling talky, lol.

    MacBookProHo said:
    All of those classical, textbook, common, generic, traditional, typical trading strategies are Completely meaningless and will deliver no profit....if the trader absolutely knows nothing about the future
    Yes, we know, but what if he does?

    MaxBoo? Respond please or must we conclude that we have hit bottom of your claimed 'expertise' by simply asking a generic question which you have never demonstrated a shred of mastery nor knowledge about.

    MacBoo, You did not answer the question.
    What would you say are some of the vital options transactions and techniques that
    are necessary to accomplish the result you speak of in your post?
    1) Which are easiest to learn?
    2) Which are the most productive?
    3) Which are the 'safest'?

    MaxBoo says - "One Million Trading Profit in less than a year is very feasible"
    Tell us something we dont already know sweetiepie. lol

    But first, just answer the three generic questions above.
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  6. Peter8519


    Just with any trading/investment strategy, it has its season. Just take CBOE as an example, 2012, 2013, 2017 and 2021 workout well for trend following. The rest of the years are tough. Drawdown is bitch in this strategy. Pick the right stock and at the right time are the keys. Don't these two apply to all strategies?
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  7. Overnight


    You forgot 2019! That was a very good year.

    It was trippy man.

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  8. Good1


    Seems to me investing in drawdowns would only work if it was fairly certain the general trend will continue in one way (for example, upwards). Seems to me you could come up with your own algorithm that could perform just as well or better than the average hedge fund...and then just invest (or increase exposure) in the drawdowns on your own equity curve.
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  9. Sounds like their sales pitch all right.... doesn't work out so much as investors hope.
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  10. There is no "intrinsic value" for investing in a money manager's drawdowns. A company stock may be "sold down/oversold to perceived value", but not to a MM's "ability".
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