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  2. Why are people so naive?

    W, Cheney and Rumsfeld were the biggest nutcases on the planet ever and they did not give a shit at all, and even they did not attack Iran. The reason is simple: Iran is a tougher nut to crack than Iraq, US is not in a position to launch a serious invasion anywhere, much less Iraq. US is so f'ing overstretched militarily it is not even funny.
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    Naive? I am not the one suggesting that the US would be involved in any attack let alone an invasion, that's a conclusion you jumped to. Clearly the parties are concerned that Israel will not be appeased and it looks like Israel is trying to make its case more than likely for a targeted bombing campaign, after all, it is Netanyahu who is flying around the world meeting with leaders. Maybe Netanyahu wants to get his hands on some US ordinance.
  4. Anything mentioned in Debka these days can be ignored as its went so far downhill since it started out. What started as a professionally run news service has turned into a sham.
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    I heard that Saudi Arabia has more to fear from Iran Nukes than Israel... all this footsying around regarding who's going to contain Iran is maybe BS to scare the Saudis into keeping oil prices down...
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    Spot on. Debka must be another word for nutjobs - it's worse than Al Jizm and World Net Daily put together.