Is it possible to be a lazy , set and forget trader?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by vortextrader, Sep 28, 2019.

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    mr devbru,
    here's something you might like
    cued to the point and ready to go at minute 15:37 seconds,

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    For Set and Forget swing stocks, just jump on trends, play mulitiple positions long and short ( 66% long in upward market ), remove the TP or go for more than 1:1 aswell.

    Used to do that 20years ago, made wayyyy more than daytrading has since so can understand, but feel the potential is higher with day trading so ?? sticking at it. ( under funded for stocks to )
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    My expectancy from the data i have posted earlier is 0,61.
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  5. index funds is the answer you are seeking :D
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  7. Orbiter


    I have been trading fully automated for the past 6 years mostly EOD swing trading spending on average a couple of hours a week managing my positions.

    I am not lazy. I just hate tedious work. This is a link to a course that explains the process in detail:

    You’d still have to spend time bringing it all together and eventually developing your own strategies but these are the tools that make my life easier. I have switched from writing my own custom code to using these tools.

    I am getting even lazier as you can see /s
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    What tools/technologies are you using ?
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  9. Interesting read....thanks.

    So it seems like were 'voting' for the big 3 to run everything huh?
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    Nothing too fancy, a stock screener (StockMonitor) and i am going to Interactive Brokers soon to trade the stocks with MOC orders. Now i still open the positions myself right before the close.
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