Is Last Atlantis still operating?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by arbs-r-us, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Anyone have any information on the option scalping firm Last Atlantis? Dead? Alive?
  2. url ?
  3. I was making my comment SPECIFICALLY towards the option group. The rest of the funds may have passed their NFA review.

    Is the option group still in existance? And what was the logic to make that style of trading a "fund" anyway?
  4. How do you have as many traders as they did, implode in flames, and have radio silence?
  5. How many traders did they have ?
  6. NY_HOOD


    what kind of fool would trade with a company with that kind of name ! gimme a break.
  7. Did Michael (metooxx) put all you guys under a gag order? Come-on, fess up now.... The world wants to know....
  8. You're joking. Two of those you mention blew-up at LAC. Rearden was backed at one time by LAC, but not in the ridiculous "pick-em" trade. As you know, the trade consisted of trading a pick-em market; say $3.00 x $3.00 and trading into the short-term trend.
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