Is stock trading and forex trading different?

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  1. I would like to know is stock trading and forex trading different?
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  2. Yes.
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  3. It doesn't matter what you, stocks, forex, fruits, planes, options, shoes, day trading, dildos, lingerie. If you want to be a successful businessman, tradesman, you have to dissect and understand all the elements and variables that make the market tick and dance and move the way it does. From there, you can develop a reasonable understanding of how to tactically approach your hunt.

    Don't get too concerned with all the messy, loud, confusing, technicalities below, but rather from the observations above the mountain top. I know this sounds vague and philosophical, but the best lessons are, sometimes.

    You can ask this same question across five different social media sites....and the various responses can be essentially 90%+ bogus and useless. You have to truly develop and digest things your own way, at your own time.
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    Yes & No.
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    I think all trading is same in principle but may differ in technicality.
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  7. for stocks, you are buying and selling shares of a company. for forex you are buy and selling or exchanging currencies based on how you thing the value of the currency will change. hope this helps
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  9. IMHO the difference is in forex you have to watch at least two economies at once (at least the important data) while in stocks one is enough. Support and resistance in stocks are more absolute, sometimes also small zones depending on volatility and liquidity while in forex S/R tend to be big zones that can be overshot and undershot easily just to turn around. Forex has to be traded on higher time frames like 4h, daily, weekly if you wish to avoid noise, stocks can be traded on lower time frames. Indicators tend to work well on equities, in forex most fail.
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    One of those posters/bots that will be dropping forex broker links soon (check post history).
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