Is the bookstore dead, or is AMZN just evil?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by nitro, Oct 17, 2011.

Is Amazon going to drive B&N out of business?

  1. Yes.

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  2. No

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. "Is Amazon going to drive B&N out of business?"

    Little off topic but ya think Amazon is going to drive WMT out of business?
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  2. Gyles


    This situation seems similar to the "Personal Computer" and "Internet" age which brought about many changes in office and personal work spaces and brought along many debates regarding the "evils" effects of them on the existing jobs and young minds.
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  3. ====================
    Strange but i was thinking of Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Also
    they have comfy chairs. Now, & the last time i went in there after church, a lady asked me if i wanted to read some more books in my comfy chair, Barnes & Noble .......................

    So no, not Amazon only, but they have helpful book reviews;
    i still like public librarys,
    like my private library.Just Bought a RE book , by Mr Perez,
    at a public library for $00.25. Believe it or not:D:cool:
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  4. I miss the social aspect of going to the bookstore. I used to live walking distance to boarders and I went frequently to browse around, have coffee, approach women, and I would buy books/magazines. It was nice to live across the street and I miss the bookstore. I think bookstores will continue to decline but a few will remain open in very popular locations.
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  5. nitro


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  6. Three Cheers for the printed world! Hope the "Green Earth Campaign" guys do not get after me? :eek: I do not think so, as they themselves have books on sale. :) :p
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  7. GordonTheGekko

    GordonTheGekko Guest

    I do the same thing at Aston dealerships

    The only time I go to Boarders (Barns and Noble now I guess, Boarders evaporated!) is if I'm really lazy, busy, or want to read a book the day it came out, like Decision Points or Pinheads and Patriots last fall...

    I agree, although I also didn't like running into employees, or having to say "not if you want to keep your spleen" whenever Boarders' agents asked if they wanted to help

    Btw, I thought I'd share,

    Jeff Bezeos has some issues IMHO. Especially during that stupid Fire launch. Who does he think he is? An exponentially dumber Steve Jobs? Do something better than make a stereotypical pretend Silicon Valley show and tell! Bill Gates has been there and done that, 16 years ago!
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  8. nitro


    "For years — since its inception — Amazon has been at implicit war with local brick-and-mortar stores

    Last week, the implicit seemingly became explicit when Amazon [AMZN 189.00 -4.03 (-2.09%) ]began a promotion that encouraged customers to check out prices at local retailers and use a specially designed “Price Check” smartphone app to report what they found back to Amazon. Customers who then purchased the same item from Amazon received a 5 percent discount, up to $5. (The deal was available only from Friday night through Saturday, and only for certain kinds of products.)..."
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  9. Book stores can be cool - I used to hang out at one.

    Now, look around your house and see what space bookshelves are taking up. We've got 2 huge bookcases, and piles of books in closets.

    The Kindle can hold over 2,000 books.

    And dig this - Amazon sold me the Kindle at a loss - then I download free books into it (that have gone off copyright)! Old, non-fiction, adventurers discovering Africa, traveling the Silk Road, etc. Highly recommended!!

    I wouldn't let my dog sh*t on a copy of "The Kardashians! - and why you should Worship them!"
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