Is the bookstore dead, or is AMZN just evil?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by nitro, Oct 17, 2011.

Is Amazon going to drive B&N out of business?

  1. Yes.

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  2. No

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. Amazon has the anarchy business model. No need for editors to vet publishers works, the reading public can review books and tell us which ones are good.. Still, a bookstore can be a nice experience but really, do you want to buy a book without reading the reviews at Amazon? Or anything else for that matter...
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  2. LEAPup


    Yes, I enjoy going out to browse around with my Wife through a local bookstore we like. We usually buy something.
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  3. ashatet


    I do the same. I have gone to best buy several times to check out stuff, but I also buy all my appliances from best buy. When it comes to electronics, I almost always buy on ebay.

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  4. One of the best FREE books ever on Kindle (for guys):

    "Two Years Before the Mast" by Dana

    This NON-FICTION book was written in 1838 by an east coast intellectual whose health was failing - he decides to go on a merchant ship to "buck up".

    They get cow hides in California, and sail up and down the west coast. There's a portrait of San Diego when it was a group of 3 houses!

    Another image: a funeral held in L.A. is not held in "America". Nobody speaks English. It's old world Spain in every respect - the events in New York were about as relevant as the events in Mongolia to the residents of L.A.

    Completely fascinating! A guy book complete with fights, sailor's songs, and living on the beach with Hawaiians (the best swimmers).

    If I get one guy to read this book, I will consider it a triumph. C'mon who wants to visit a true-life world that has now vanished?
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  5. pookie


    Long-time book lover here. I loved Barnes and Noble when I first discovered them many years ago. Now, I love Amazon. There's really no comparison. Amazon has a huge selection...much, much more than you'll ever see in a Barnes and Noble. Amazon's prices are so much better. I can buy used books at Amazon...FABULOUS! I'm not very fond of driving...Barnes and Noble is not conveniently located for me. A lot of driving through highly congested roads because B&N is usually located by a mall or some centralized shopping area. I have not been back to B&N for at least 5 years. I buy all my books from Amazon...and basically just about everything else.

    Amazon evil? No way, no how. Beating out the competition? That's what it's all about.

    Amazon has allowed me to buy more books...their prices are so great, endless selection, total convenience.
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  6. Question is: Will kids of today ever read printed stuff when they grow up?

    If you haven't noticed, the trend is to FREE information.As the kids see it anyways.
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  7. Illum


    I was just in Barnes and Noble last week, it was packed. And if they go, so what. Travel agents are dead from price line, we survived. I don't own a kindle yet, hence I was still in the bookstore. But let me get this straight, One tablet I can put hundreds of books on... Santa?
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  8. nitro


    BKS -23% :( :( :( :(
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  9. pookie


    Nitro, where did you get your numbers from?
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  10. tortoise


    I buy my books at the local bookstore because I want to support the local bookstore.
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