Is there a free version of liquity visuals like footprints or bookmap for equities?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by excrypto, Oct 31, 2021.

  1. excrypto


    I know this exists for crypto but is there liquidity visualization like footprints, teardrop candles, bookmap, jigsaw etc. that has up to date free equities data like tradingview gives out? Thx

    Oh and I hate using volume by price so something like that without it being volume by price.
  2. terr


    What are "teardrop candles"?
  3. volpri


    They occur when one is trading with candlesticks and suffers a BIG loss. Lol
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  4. It's a TrendSpider thing.

  5. terr


    hm is that volume on bid/ask per price level on each candle?
  6. Overnight


    That is certainly what it appears to be.
  7. maxinger


    That is interesting.

    brokers / service providers are getting very creative.
    They offer such exotic things to attract more customers.
  8. tiddlywinks


    It only takes one A-HA for someone to "get it".
    Since everyone learns differently, creativity is a good thing!
  9. Zor_Champ