is there prop firm to provide capital for experienced traders?

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  1. My friend, a professional forex trader, is looking for a prop firm which can provide trading capital. Any one knows such firm exists?
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    Your "friend" who is an "experienced" "professional" needs prop firm capital?
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    Check out FMTO.
    Also check out "prop firms" on this forum.
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    First New York
    Millennium, citadel, point72 act like prop firms.
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    FTMO and others.
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    Haven’t tried capital funding for forex. I prefer to invest with my own money since it has less commitments than funding through other modes.
  8. I have no direct experience with them, but I have heard a lot of positive reviews about Just2Trade. It is a leading international investment company providing its clients with direct access to the world's major stock and foreign exchange markets. With the help of I learn something new about this every day. In the future, I plan to start working on a personal project with Just2Trade - I hope to get good financial support from them. Partnering with a customer acquisition company should open up new income opportunities for me.
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  9. There are many prop firm that offer various models, based you on your requirement you can dig deeper also,
    you can check out and see the different models they offer.
  10. in what respect does citadel act like prop firm?
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