Is this a known syndrome??

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  1. Leob


    I'm hot in in the first half hour of the trading day and sucks in the rest of the day if no activity during the day.
    I open the day with 12 seconds candels and I have during that period one rule. I trate this TF with one rule in mind. And I'm dance..
    As time go by the market cool down.. and I'm still dancing.. I lose like an ediout. How to chill down??
    Personal experience storys will be wallcom.
    Appreciate your help
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  2. schizo


    Watch porn. :D
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  3. CALLumbus


    Play Battlefield.
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  4. can’t you go out exercising after 10am?
  5. deaddog


    The answer seems obvious. Any reason you keep dancing when you know the probable outcome?
  6. Leob


    I can do anything.. I just don't do it.
    I'm still believe today will be different..
  7. Yeah most action is gone by 11am. Usually I trade till 11 and then between 230 to close.
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  8. Leob


    I must improve ( or actually invent ) my rules which day worth the effort behind the opening.
    I hate choppy tops...
    It's look I don't understand tops psychology
  9. sandy_s


    You are not trading. You are gambling.

    Think, which one you want to do...

    And consciously stop when you think you are throwing dart in the dark.

    May be switch off the computer after the morning open. Just do something else which you enjoy. And don’t look at the market only after it has closed and be ready for the next day.

    Hopefully this becomes a habit over time...unless you gave found a way to trade the later part of the day.
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  10. It is a syndrome for you. That is all that matters. If you cannot walk away from a good run, then you are doing FOMO. Next up will be having a loss and revenge trading. All newbie traders do this. The quicker you can get past it, AND not revert, the better.
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