Is uptrend for SP500 over

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Galatia, Sep 19, 2021.

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    yes yes yes

    for a day or two
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  3. There are 2 factors playing into this mainly
    1) private investors buying every dip, mostly with calls which forces brokers to go lomg the stock. The money inflow by private I's has diminished when stimmy ended and declined further with the end of the foreclosure moratorium and the jobbless stimmy.
    2) Fed. Fed hasn't tapered nor even announced to do so. Yet they have found a hidden way to increase interest rates.

    Do your reasearch and you will find out which of the 2 is more relevant.
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    We're at 50SMA which has been a pivot support all year. This time may be different, but I'm waiting for loss of 100SMA to define a break of the uptrend.

    I've been swingtrading light size inverse ETFs this last 2 weeks.
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    The 20, 50 and 100EMA's remain in a bullish sequence, the 50EMA still slopes upwards, price remains above the 50EMA, the swing low of 19/08 remains unbreached with no close below.

    However, the last week's range overlaps with the previous 7, so the trend has definitely stalled.

    But its too soon to say its over.
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    The one thing that's different about the latest drop is it's a strong 45degree steady grind down compared to earlier weak sharp drops to 50SMA, which pivoted. spx19sept.jpg
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    The stockcharts on the indexes tells the complete story. If you do not know how to read a stockchart, you have no business trading or even investing in the stockmarket. Chances are good, you will lose all your monies. One more chicken little to add to the pile. Stockmarket 501, ET trolls 0. Eventually, one of you ET trolls will get it right, sometime in the future as the stockmarket will turn bearish and crash. In the meantime, how much monies will ET trolls lose?
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    NQ is doing a head and shoulders fake break. Debt ceiling drama incoming.
  9. Statistically, September is the weakest month in the stock market. So far, it's playing out as expected with a dip that's larger than the prior dip in magnitude, but still a bit from the one prior to that.

    If it turns into an actual reversal is too early to tell, IMO.

    On Wednesday there's the FOMC Statement from the FED. I suspect it's possible we'll see some weakness going into Wednesday - then either continuation lower or a reversal higher for resumption of the trend up. Good ranges to play for a short term trader.
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    definition of a downtrend is lower swing highs and lower swing lows. It depends on your time frame. The daily uptrend is still valid.
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