Is uptrend for SP500 over

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  1. Handle123


    Although am hedged stocks cause topping pattern, long term program short Index futures, have signals to buy stocks/hedged.

    No one has crystal ball, all we can do is somewhat control risk. I am often wrong and why I hedge. I like when so many are negative though.

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    it has to break it STRONGLY test the highs and fall short and fall .....then you can start patting the bears
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    that is not the test of a great operator...

    in the end does he go crying to bed or laughing to the bank....nothing else matters
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  4. Laughing all the way to the definitely the way to go.

    That's the way it should be. That's the way it should be. That's right.
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  5. padutrader


    you mean like this?
    Breakfast served.

    good and bad scalps.....
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  6. Overnight


    You trying to earn some sympathy here with your boohoo $147 profit you are suffering? Get real, dude.
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  7. padutrader


    are YOU real

    i am here like it or what you should do.

    i have been losing for 14 years but i do not troll like you....but you are a good laugh..... all of us are trading and here you passing shitty personal comments
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    You have been constantly whining about your profits, rather than enjoy your profits.
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  9. MKTrader


    And it could break that and find support at an earlier level like 4250 or 4150. We'd have to see an extended period below the 200-day SMA and a much bigger correction before we start talking about a long-term trend change.
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    but i do not look at others and you
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