Is uptrend for SP500 over

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  1. RedDuke


    no way. Tiny bump on the road to ATH very soon.
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  2. padutrader



    may be a deeper correction or shallower.

    it never goes corrects

    falls and up moves, are in the eyes of the beholder.......or trader

    master traders are above this kind of jargon..they sell high buy low

    what is high and low?.........trader decides

    the only thing that bothers him is how the fuck do i make money......where is my dinner coming from.

    novices think the market is what is on the is is in their head....their beliefs.....

    corrections get deeper and deeper until the corrections becomes the trend

    the trader has to only determine when the correction has ended : 95% of traders fail here and that is why they lose money
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  3. Handle123


    Perhaps our definitions are different, or Trading plans, I have don't feel fears or happiness as most people have emotions, I live my life as many Asperger's with rules that equate with normal humans emotions. When trades are placed with hedges, have positive expantentcy when trades are filled on losing side as all opening trades are bucking major trend, so whether it is first trade or last trade in existing trend trade, system is bucking most other traders view of trend. So if system loses in the Index Futures by hitting protective stops, hedges seek to recover future's losses and then some, "system" sees entry as a loss, different category of risk management as positive bank. System has one target and 10% of position is removed, remainder of contracts has little better than breakeven stops, these stops with exception of rollovers can last years till opposite positions occurs. First opening position seeks what most would consider "homerun" trade.

    I been trading very long time, only subconscious can have tears during dreams and never about trading last 30 years, I have an odd sense of humor and it seldom about trading, funds stay in the account, but I do understand now, what most other people value.

    I could care less about being "that is not the test of a great operator..."

    Everything else matters, smell of a rose, smile of one's wife or girlfriend, fresh rolls at 4am.
    Starbucks, grin.
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  4. padutrader


    be that as it may

    that is the test
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  5. Handle123


    Automation shorts it so often, lose tract of how often each year, It has gotten so good at losing, readjusted hedges to make up loses on futures and make profits overall. So losing percentages on futures side are very low, I get a kick out of that, but make profits overall on a losing position. But I do have losses from time to time when stopped out of futures and market reverses. But last year was incredible, very seldom get very high percentages.

    Am still long on many of dividend stocks bought in 2009 and when formations extreme happen, hedges comes in more frequently than long term shorts which are triggered first on longer timeframe then reduces. I use a hedge but hedge the hedge.

    I look back now as that kid at 21 drawing charts thinking I never get this in 1978. Now I look at everything I have developed, thank goodness it was in pieces over years, much testing.

    What I find amusing, my best markets are in meats, not money wise, but very consistent. Was unhappy when pork bellies ended long ago, man that was fun day trading month before Easter. And some incredible spread trading.

    I don't use 50sma for trend on swing trading, I prefer 20sma and require freebar above or below 20 and wait for deep pullback/rally without taking out lows/highs and always hedge.

    Starbucks time
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  6. Yeah. That's what happened.
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  7. For now, this is the camp I'm in until proven otherwise. There is nothing "fundamentally wrong" with the market right now.

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  8. RedDuke


    except for the fact it is Fed induced bubble. But hey, who does not like raising tide :D, as long as do not end up with tsunami once party is over.
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  9. That may be true, but in the present moment, nothing is fundamentally wrong -- in other words, I am not seeing anything significant in the financial markets that shows me there is a problem that is telling me to take cover.

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  10. Galatia


    What i see looking at this chart;

    - At 28th September, SP500 has finally validated that uptrend is over. Touched at the low line of the channel and failed to get in the channel
    - At the same time it has validated that red downtrend is the current thema of the stock market

    Currently i'm short @4437 and will stay short till it stays in the red channel
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