It's official : Bernanke has lost his mind

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  1. The FOMC members have lost their mind by signaling to the world
    that no worries, the current speculation fest can continue "for an
    extended period of time". They could have at least refused to give an outright greenlight to speculators and carry traders, refused to condone the return of the sins of the early decade, but they didn't . They are more irresponsible than ever. It calls for their removal along with that of the corrupted elites in Wall Street and Washington and their lobbyists . A second american revolution is in order !
  2. Volcker has been ousted, unfortunately, and now the insane and corrupt are the gatekeepers.

    Bernanke is destroying the dollar and middle class.
  3. Of course he is...... and it shouldn't come as any surprise.

    He promised "helicopter money", and to "kiss everybody's ass if they would just make him the Bid Fed Cheese"..... Much like Obama.. :mad: :mad:
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    Not to mention YOUR short equities portfolio.

  5. Currency debasement and inflation are the tools of SELF-SERVING, GREEDY, LYING, THIEVING politicos "buying time" before the hol polloi wake up. Nothing new here.
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    No argument here.
  7. Quit stalking me in threads, you knuckle-scraping, neanderthal, Rush Limbaugh ass licker.

  8. Well, Paul V. couldn't raise rates much even if he were in charge. Unlike when Reagan was President, there was not this massive load of debt run up by previous Presidents. As stated in my previous posts, you can't raise rates too high too fast with this much debt without crippling the economy under the burden of massive interests payments. See Japan and other countries. We are already approaching the point where people and governments will need to borrow just to pay interest even with the fund rates so low.
  9. ... by design.
  10. I was wondering when that would happen. They got tired of hearing the truth (Volcker) apparently.
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