John McAfee indicted in connection with crytpo pump-and-dump scheme

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    He's not the only guy doing that...anyone with a Twitter account who bought a crypto signed up for a full-time job promoting it. And they have to promote it as no one uses it as a currency.
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    Trader Curt

    He was a wanted man from the start. He held a bunch of seminars on how to launder money using Monero and other privacy tokens. This has nothing to do with any "Ponzi Scheme", this is all about him avoiding taxes and educating people how to keep their money private. The guy was asking to be imprisoned. He had a good run for a while.
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    ET has its own resident crypto bag a boo.
  5. Is this the same dude that loved to have fat chicks take dumps in his mouth?

    Dude sounds all around pretty fun lol.
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    the IRS troubles are different than his SEC troubles
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  7. John McAfee has always been eccentric.
  8. Lol, that's exactly right, and he won't let any snarky comments stand. I got cryptoed by him a few times until I decided its worthless to argue with a die hard.

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    Oct 7, 2020
  10. Criminals do.

    The only real "value" crypto has is facilitating crime.
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