Judge orders Iowa teen trafficking victim to pay $150K in restitution to family of rapist she killed

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    In a sane universe, the rapist's estate would be paying restitution to the victim, but in America ...
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    It is a very odd case. But it should be noted that instead of fleeing from her rapist, she killed him with knife while he slept. This is what led to the charges. "Brooks was not an immediate threat because he was asleep when he was stabbed." If Brooks (the rapist) was an immediate threat then she would have not been charged.

    The judge in the case was also disturbed by the requirement to pay compensation to the rapist's family -- However under Iowa law if you kill someone (manslaughter, homicide, or murder) then the law states you must pay compensation to the victim's family. In this particular case the "victim" was the rapist.

    "Iowa is not among the dozens of states with a safe harbor law that gives trafficking victims some level of criminal immunity."

    Very strange situation all around IMO.
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  3. She needed better legal counsel early on.

    There were other defense strategies that could have been explored but looks like she plead out early on, probably on the advice of some appointed lawyer with marginal skills.
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    it’s hard to believe there’s 12 votes to convict her anywhere in America.
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  5. I am not sure a jury did though.

    Looks to me like she plead out.

    Poor legal counsel.
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    not guilty
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    so the judge didn't really "order it" as fox news peddles in the OP? Merely ass-backwards law (prolly con instituted) w/no room for discretion?
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