just about had it with Q charts...........

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  1. Is there something out there that is comparable to Qc Basic that has the same ease of use with similar tool set ups & most of all without the lagging data in fast markets.Was put negative 3 times in the last 2 weeks because of lagging data in the AM & forced to battle back because of it...............fool with a mans car or woman is one thing............fool with a mans p/l ....that`s the bottom line.
  2. What key features are you looking for?

    What broker do you currently use?

    Is this for Equities? Futures?
  3. use IB & trade futures only.........ES & YM...sp & dow futures.

    real basic for me ....fibs,ma`s,keltner channels,stochs,rsi.
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    Any advantage in going with MB trading over IB when using QT?

  5. Both are good brokers. I would rather not comment on the comparison since I deal with both.
  6. Plenty of others share your frustration. The silence of the ESig reps here is also very curious, since they're usually all over any thread involving ESig. I can't understand why they bought QCharts if they are just going to drive off the customer base.
  7. yeah,no kidding.....although i was pm`d & offered a free 1 mo. trial of esig..............was really hoping for IB to step up & purchase qc.....thanks for the info guys,we`ll see how it works out.
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    This is pretty much what we all feared - and said as much.
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    Something else which is pissing me off is the constant spam for eSignal seminars, products, etc...

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