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    Does anyone trade with them or have any experiences with them?

    They're run by a few ex HLV guys.
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    Yes, Pete Renzulli and Erik Solomon are formerly of HLV Trading. However, the stigma of HLV should not follow them. The reason they left HLV is because of the antics of Charlie Vaccaro. They didn't want to be associated with the rogue operation. Charles Vaccaro was puzzled that they left. He said that he has no clue why they left, "they made a ton of money". Maybe money doesn't distort the moral compass?

    Rumor has it that Oliver Velez continues to solicit them to come back and work with VCM Trading / Velez Capital Management / VCM Capital. They refuse to be involved with anything Charles Vaccaro is involved with. Smart move!!!

    More so, if they were to go work for Oliver Velez, it would be the tail wagging the dog. Pete Renzulli is a far more credible and effective instructor than Oliver Velez. Plus, Pete Renzulli is a profitable trader, hard worker and an honest guy.

    A good strategy would be to short Velez / Vaccaro and go long Keystone. My feeling is you will never have to cover your short.
  3. I traded with HLV about a year ago. Pete and Erik were the only positives I can say about my experience there. The two of them really took the business seriously and had a wealth of knowledge.

    I had to wait 5 months to get back my risk deposit from HLV. What a joke!

    Glad to hear they got off that ship before it sank. I wish them the best!
  4. Any other information on Keystone? What platform do they use? Capital contribution/buying power? Payout rate?
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    I was with HLV for a few months. I didnt like the feeling that you got wiht them. However I agree that pete and erik were the only honest seeming guys. If not for them I probably would not have got my deposit back. I do not know about their trading stlye or new firm but they are stand up guys.


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    Pete is a good guy.
  8. mbgreen


    I got an invitation to an open house with them, they describe their payouts as:

    Trading Rate .0002
    No risk deposit
    Total absorption of any losses

    However this is all contingent upon completing their "intense" training course and 3 week mentoring process.

    Does anyone know if this has a cost associated with it? Also what are their desk fees?
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    I received the same invitation in an e-mail solicitation. I believe they misstated their rate on it. It said 20 cents per thousand shares. Their website says .002 which, of course is 20 cents per hundred.

    Never heard of HLV Trading. Is it a purely day-trading, commission churning bucket shop? What's the deal with Charlie Vaccaro and Oliver Perez? Are they scammers?
  10. I've been trading for HLV too. Just wanted to add that, like previous posters stated, Pete and Erik were the only positive factors in the whole HLV story. They're good, honest, guys.
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