Lambo, Rolls, Bently?

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    Here’s an idea... planning BS? Spell the names of the marquee-brands correctly.
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    Handle123 has all five--you need to talk to him. Anyway, the GT3. It will lose the most %-wise, but you're not into it for 500K.
  5. Restore a classic. I bought a rebuilt '72 Lotus (modern suspension, engine etc.) with a new (in 2002) Lotus tuned Vauxhall engine that sounded like Armageddon.

    I lived in a rich area of England. Nobody looked twice at the luxury cars but my little demon snapped necks as people turned to stare. Every time I stopped there were guys and girls asking me about it.

    A supercar says you have some money but a truly special car gets the cool props.
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    sold it before it needed a clutch. i was pretty lucky cause at 12k miles usually your on your second set of tires and the clutch is gone. my measured out at 5/8 life left in it so i was able to sell it for about what i paid for it. plus i got the entire write off on my taxes for a company car.

    i put her into a lotus evora and i got a elise sc we had lot's of trouble with those cars. i totaled a z06 due to a wiring harness failure, but i loved the jag xkr i had. i would drive that xkr from coast to coast like it was a jet. i drove the bently gt and if the rolls is anything like it that would be my next trip car. the lambo's are for around town getting free meals etc.
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    Dude, It's Bentley. I wouldn't be surprised if you drove a Corolla.
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  9. Corollas are cool. Sub Zero in fact ;)

  10. Must be lonely driving around in those cars all alone.
    I figure you’re alone because you sound like a real Dbag.


    Edit- Good luck driving on the LIE or any of those shit roads on Long Island and Manhattan. Might as well pick up a few extra sets of rims when you pick up your douchemobile because you’re going to need them.
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