Lambo, Rolls, Bently?

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  1. destriero


    Dude, it's 50K miles per year. You're an Uber cross-country driver? I thought you looked familiar.
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  2. Jericho LI has the best inventory?
    Jericho is a shit stain.
    I guess they get Garden City money going there to buy??
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  3. I've seen a Hilux doing the wall of death act but I doubt even he put on that many miles even with practice.
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  4. Banjo


    Stop mucking about and drive a real FU machine if that's what's important to you.
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  5. MarkBrown


    i would never pay more than 500k for a car just a principle - besides that thing looks like a jelly bean. lol
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  6. destriero


    fixed it for you (5K).
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  7. I don't think he needs one:
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  8. the Roadster definitely. yellow.
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  9. schweiz


    None of them.

    I need a car that:
    • is comfortable and in which you are not sitting just 10 cm above the road
    • can do big trip without breaking your back or giving you headache
    • has enough room for luggage and a few passengers
    • local dealer for maintenance as I don't wish to drive a few hours to find a dealer that can do the maintence
    • does not need expensive replacements (clutch, tires, ceramic brakes...) every 10,000 km
    • does not have problems with speed bumps, that you find more and more.
    So no exotic car for me. AMG GCL43 is almost as fast as the exotic cars and ticks almost all the boxes. If I do one of my many +1,000 km trips any exotic car has to go to the limit to stay ahead of me. There are not many roads where you can go over 250 km/h for longer than a few minutes.

    I prefer to rent an exotic car, have an nice weekend and bring it back. It also gives me the opportunity to rent different ones.
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  10. Consider:

    I love mine. :D
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