Lambo, Rolls, Bently?

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    uber, walking and biking for 90% of where I need to go.
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  2. My personal vehicle is the ultimate display of wealth and power: A early 70's Ford Pinto with mag wheels. People naturally assume the statement I'm making is "I'm so rich, my car does not need to impress". I also wear a tuning dot on my forehead to show my cultural awareness.

    Note to RRY16: Please give me a little license here.
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  3. MarkBrown


    i took a gt3 for a test drive once and almost wrecked it in a long sweeping turn i can in a little hot and the tyres were not. i have had many porsche's and you can't beat them for quality and resell value. but i have learned to love awd and front end lifts which to this day puzzles me why many other than lambo's don't offer the option.

    btw we were mainly option sellers on the sp futures.
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  4. destriero


    You're a terrible liar. All 911 models (GT3 and GT3 RS) have a front-axle lift system as an option.
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  5. mbondy


    Dude who are you other than some random on the internets?

    So you outed xela, good on you. Now fuck off, yeah? Every thread I click on you’re in it running your mouth ffs.
    Live and let live.
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    Let me guess: destriero?
    I blocked him a few weeks ago.

    He has huge mental problems trolling around, accusing everybody to be fake, but he is the real deal. He is the type of man who would commit suicide if he will not get enough attention and admiration from the whole world.
    I have been told that he even logs out to be able to read what people who blocked him are posting. If that's the most important thing in your life you are a loser. Get a life!
    Never seen a person with such a horrible and neurotic behavior as destrerio.
    He is the new Don Quixote: The story follows the adventures of a noble (hidalgo) named Alonso Quixano who reads so many chivalric romances that he loses his sanity and decides to become a knight-errant (caballero andante), reviving chivalry and serving his country.
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    likewise i have that turd on my ignore list with a few others that are just ate up with jelly syndrome. he can out me all he wants the deeper he digs the better i will look and the more amazed and jelly he will become. hoping for a head explosion soon, he's like a jack's bunch on steroids. i shall now name dithering idiot "son of jack".
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    he is probably a solid guy. :sneaky:
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  9. I think you mean "live and let lie."

    This MarkBrown character is asking people for whom he has little or no respect which high-end luxury cars he should buy for himself and his wife? Who does that? The guy who has achieved "perfection of understanding of price movement" by removing time from the equation (because time, after all, may not exist!). And then he's painfully inconsistent and evidently lacking basic knowledge of the cars he supposedly owns or owned.

    And you're okay with that because?
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  10. MarkBrown


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