Lambo, Rolls, Bently?

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  1. destriero


    Broke f*ck starts a thread about Bently (sic) and test drove the most scarce 911 model--doesn't know it has a lift. He's fishing or he's delusional. Nobody gives a rat's ass what Corolla you're buying at 11% subprime.

    Post a trade or F off. It’s a trading site.
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    Yes. Does Mark pay your rent? Is he your spouse? Lol . Cmon man that f**ker Des is bashing people on every thread. You cant open a page without seeing him pounding his chest or bashing someone. are you ok with that because?
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    :D. I know deep within you are a solid guy. You gotta be.
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  5. Rent? Spouse? WTF?

    I don't make outrageous claims. If I did, then I would deserve to be called to account. MarkBrown is so utterly full of the brown stuff I cannot fathom how you can defend him. Some of his trading posts are laugh-out-loudable. And even that would be okay if he wasn't so insufferably arrogant. Sure, destriero is somewhat arrogant, too. So when he's wrong about something, let's be sure to point it out and let him know. But until then...
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    Lol. Love your posts. I meant it as who cares. As in does he pay ur rent etc. nevermind.
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  7. It's Friday.
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  8. Sprout


    With all that anger, he could have toxoplasma. It would explain a lot.

    But I’m not a medical professional.
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  9. monet


    These two:

    lp.png roadster.png
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  10. "It ain't what you don't know that troubles, It's what you know that aint so."
    Mark Twain

    Very smart people have a compelling need to correct error & inconsistency. I am anal in this respect. :D That's their burden ...and I like it. I learn a lot from these people who are smarter than me. :)
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