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  1. This thread isn't about why laptop screens are unsuitable for trading in terms of screen space. Obviously the desktop monitor would win out in screen real estate. BUT rather, thread is about looking at just one chart either on laptop or desktop monitor.

    This is my experience with a Dell Inspiron laptop circa 2007 (14 inch at 1440x900) vs Lenovo desktop monitor circa 2020 (21.5 inch at 1920x1080).

    To sum it up, my the Lenovo monitor sucks:

    I have never seen a laptop with buttons to change the contrast. All you gotta do is deal with the brightness and trust that the OEM properly calibrated the screen and that is that.

    My laptop screen circa 2007 (TN 14 inch at 1440x900) seems pretty high end even by today's standards. The comparable desktop monitor with similar pixel dot pitch would be a 21.5 inch QHD monitor. Mind blown!

    Now back to the Lenovo desktop IPS monitor:

    Wow does it suck! When I first connected it to PC, things seemed a little blurry. I only noticed something wrong when I looked at a chart with white background. The colors inside the candlesticks seem to spill out onto the surroundings! BUT a quick factory reset within the monitor menu fixed that.

    Then, I noticed a few things in the monitor menu. Factory default is red shift. WTF!! There's normal mode, blue shift, red shift, and sRGB mode. Putting monitor in sRGB mode hurt my eyes.

    Why I gotta deal with contrast and color shift mode in addition to brightness on a desktop monitor just to have it look okay. Whereas I only need to deal with brightness on a laptop screen. BUT the end result, the chart on a desktop monitor looks worse than on a laptop screen and I have missed quite a few trades had I chose to do my analysis on the laptop instead!
  2. BTW, they say that VA panels have the best contrast. For those preferring to work with charts with a black background, wouldn't it make more sense to use a VA panel (as opposed to IPS) for trading? Since VA panels supposedly display dark screens better...
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    You mean it is about

    looking at one chart on Dell Laptop (your specs) vs Lenono Desktop (your specs).

    Do you assume all Laptops and all Desktops are the same?
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    You just can't beat a good desktop video card and a better monitor. So worth it.
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  5. OK, so I am back on the Lenovo desktop monitor. I decided to leave the monitor hardware settings at factory default BUT tinkered a little bit on the software side via Intel GPU settings.

    If I dialed down contrast and gamma by one small increment to 49 (from 50) and 0.9 (from 1.0 for gamma), things seem a little better. Have no idea what contrast and gamma are just that the charts look more closer to the same on the Dell laptop screen.
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    Did it occur to you you might have a defective monitor?
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  8. I've always, personally, had good luck, or good experiences, with the ViewSonic brand of monitors.
    Samsung, Acer, LG, Lenovo, and everything else...always felt, or looked, average and dull to me.
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    all laptop screens & monitors are good.

    Even the lousiest screen & monitor are much better than the best
    CRT screen.

    Send the monitor, graphic card, video cable, port for repair.
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    That's like saying the best CD player is better than the best reel-to-reel player.

    CRT? Dude, nobody has those any longer. Oy!

    *smacks max upside the head*
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