Leapfrog (LF) - buyout target

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  1. Is anybody looking at LF as a buyout target? Seems like there might be some potential there. It is trading around half the book value and has quite a bit of capital on hand with minimal to no debt if I'm not mistaken.
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    Decent article from Seeking Alpha discussing LF.


    Here are the bullets points,and keep in mind the author is long the common,and estimates have been lowered across the board..

    • LeapFrog is a powerful brand, well-recognized by families, parents and educators, and the company possesses strong commercial & sales distribution relationships.
    • However, LeapFrog's cumulative profits since going public (in 2002) are less than zero.
    • LeapFrog has spent over $1.3 billion on overhead costs, much of which would likely be unnecessary if LeapFrog were a subsidiary of a larger company.
    • During the shareholder meeting this August, the Board should discuss the value of LeapFrog's brand to an acquirer compared to the value of its current strategic direction.
    • LeapFrog's current value to an acquirer (including its balance sheet today) is likely higher than $6 per share, and possibly higher than $10 per share.
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  3. Yeah, I am thinking one of the bigger players in all of this, Hasbro, Mattel, etc could easily buy them out. I went long yesterday around when I posted @ 2.15/share. It is a small position that I will potentially add to as we move forward depending on how things are going.
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    As a complete punt,I am buying the Sept 4 calls.
    traded at .05..
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  5. Moving nicely! Up 7.5% so far. Looking for it to keep on moving up..hopefully.
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    nice alert..did some work last night
    NCAV is apx 3
    net net working capital is 1.93

    Unless it's a complete value trap,it should trade higher..

    Jan 2.5 calls traded at .35