LeeLoo Preformance Account- A Ghost Account

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Maku-san, Oct 5, 2021.

  1. tom27


    Well how many traders can actually scale up to the point that they make 18-20k/month?, someone that skilled should 1)Go into an actual prop firm.
    2) Open his own account, majority of the guys are just gonna oscillate bw 0 and 20k for many years, so I don't really see it as a disadvantage.
    #21     May 11, 2022
  2. Are there any "actual" prop firms these days available for retail traders?

    LeeLoo or similar ain't a serious option of course. Once the business model is understood, no rational trader/human being would want to sign up.
    #22     May 11, 2022
  3. Most props apart from LeeLoo or similar want traders to put down capital for leverage with varying profit %. Some of them add on some trainings/education to top it up.
    #23     May 11, 2022