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  1. Hi Guys,

    I want to try with small starting capital $100 , what brokers will allow me to trade 50 % of my equity on all exotic crosses and pairs? I want to risk 50 percent of my equity on each trade. My current leverage is 1:500 I can risk 50% of equity if i trade EUR USD but I cant do that if i trade exotic pairs like NZD CAD , CAD CHF and so on.

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    Just spend it on dinner or drinks. Are you serious $100???
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    Monday laughs came early.
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    Might need the 2049 Turing test. I post it only because it is still in my Windows clipboard.

    If you are trying to use 500:1 leverage with $100 and are looking for a legitimate, safe broker, you may be a cyborg.
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    Hard to find anything with that budget unfortunately. From what I know Oanda and Interactive Brokers both have no minimums (Oanda is MM!).
    IMO, if you wish to try your luck in trading go with demo/paper trading first. If you will find yourself profitable than gather a bit more cash (200$ for ICM or Peperstone ex.) and play along.
    Keep in mind that small position size and high lavarage may affect your trading negatively so trying with 100$ may not be the best way.
  6. I understand that . What I am going to do is to turn $ 100 into $ 5000 and I am willing to lose $ 1000 (10 failed attempts) in order to achieve that. Please guys
    stick to the broker topic, this is not about MM or psychology.
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  8. So what you really want to do is turn $1000 into $5000??

    (This will still require a suboptimal amount of leverage [much higher than suggested by Kelly], but you asked us not to point that out, so I won't)

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    handle:vortex trader
    vortex- the definition of a vortex is a whirl of water or air, or the center of something that draws the outside in.

    You are not a vortex trader.:)
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