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    You think a forex pair will go down 2% in one day? For the past whole month EURO 's trading range did not exceed 2%.Also today euro's trading range has been less than 1/20 of 2%. So it is only 1/20 vs your expectation, which reveal you have no idea how is forex's movement really like.
    Also where I tell you a $100 account to buy $5000 position? From my description you can only get the picture that my normal position size is about 1/20 of my available leverage.Also I mention I use 1/4 to 1/2 kelly, you can also have an idea what is my position size.
    Your post reveal that you not only know little about forex, but also know little about kelly.
    It doesn't make any sense to talk to a layman like you.
    I have to teach you where and where and where your knowledge are wrong on forex.
    It is a too difficult job and I will just let you talk to other layman.
    No forex traders would like to talk to you.
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    Alrighty there tough guy. Arguing against math is hard when you're wrong but impossible when you're wrong and don't grasp basic math! It is kind of cute, you laying on the "layman" and "is too difficult job" bullshit, cute in the way you think of a puppy trying to viciously attack your leg but succeeding only in looking silly.
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    You initial post gave an impression that you only want to have $100 in your account but now what you are saying is you will have $1000 in account and risk $50 every time x 20 times
    OK and then your aim is to use 1000 and turn that in to 5000 that is 400% return
    but each trade will only risk $50!
    - For such a target you will have to use huge leverage or be super good at trading
    Lets assume you are going to use huge leverage ( if you were super good you won;t be looking for a broker)
    - Huge leverage is a double edged sword.. you Stop loss of $50 can be triggered in seconds depending upon leverage
    - Huge leverage meaning 500x 1000x etc which means you will have to go to very questionable brokers. There are thousands of bucket shops around.. you have choice and since you are not worried about where they are located MM or not etc
    Go for it what is stopping you!
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    Now I am convinced that Forex folks are just as crazy as options folks. 1000x leverage? WTF are y'all on about?

    Commod Futures are the only moderating force in the trading universe.
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    +1 :thumbsup:
    (-1 for insulting part tho)

    ,,The foreign exchange or forex market is the largest financial market in the world – larger even than the stock market, with a daily volume of $5.1 trillion, vs. $84 billion for equities worldwide''

    In the other hand tho... :

    Solution :
    Always staying on the long side of USD or EU (?)
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    For short-term trades with tight stop-loss, leverage is a life-saver, especially if you want to trade multiple pairs at the same time. As your stop-loss becomes tighter and you still want to risk 1% per trade for example, you need to use leverage. I'm talking about FX trading.

    Say you have $10,000.00 account balance and your EURUSD stoploss is only 10 pips away. You are ok to risk 1% which is $100. So your position size must be 1 single lot for this trade:

    1 pip = $10 in XXX_USD pairs
    LOT = risked_amount / (stop_pips * pip_value) = 100 / (10 * 10) = 1

    (BTW I hate using pips. I only use ticks in my trading.)

    Without leverage, you can not trade 1 single lot in this particular case. You need at least x10 leverage and you can not execute another trade at the same time even with x10. I am not trading FX for a while. I started to feel like i was trading against countries. I love futures more. Futures is leveraged as well. FX pairs do not move much but futures and stocks do. FX traders need leverage.

    PS: I'm posting this because someone asked "why do you use leverage?" to op. I'm sure more than 85% of you already know how to calculate a position size :)

    Make it easier:
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    Your advice would be useful for savers, because indeed saving in EUR or USD probably has best R/R in the long-term. But I also like EURUSD in short-term trading, Friday swing was amusing and it was really tempting to jump in.
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    Yup , i had this in mind, 1 month / 12 month swings with either EUR or USD longs against other currencies.
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    [QUOTE = "Overnight, post: 4966831, member: 494466"] Jetzt bin ich überzeugt, dass Forex-Leute genauso verrückt sind wie Options-Leute. 1000x Hebel? WTF geht es euch allen?

    Commod Futures sind die einzige moderierende Kraft im Handelsuniversum. [/ QUOTE]

    leider nicht mehr für deutsche !
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    Yeah, it can destroy you in now time. Use with caution.
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