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  1. I'm a beginner in forex and am looking for a good broker with a leverage of 30:1 and either ASIC or FCA regulations with good customer service. Any recommendations?
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  2. There are several high-leverage brokers, but it is better to choose regulated brokers like CMC or FP Markets. They provide a higher leverage of 500:1 with regulations from ASIC or CYSEC.
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  3. leverage how it works it depends on your money management as well trading plan.
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    For good leverage range you can try these few: Fxview, Tickmill and Hotforex. They all provide upto 500x leverage. But I would recommend to trade with lower levels of leverage to limit the risk exposure.
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    Some offshore brokers will provide leverage upto 3000:1 but I’d never recommend it since it can be really risky and blow your account within seconds. I get 500:1 with Aaafx but I still think it’s very high and traders should never exceed, no matter how confident they are about their skills. Plus, make sure that your broker offers NBP and is regulated.
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  7. thanks for your nice information.
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    You're welcome. It's important to keep in mind what the regulation is like in different places.
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  10. if you want really high leverage then Aximtrade offer up to 1:3000, so far trading with them seem fine and withdrawal wasn't a problem so maybe check their aximtrade review out if you are interested.
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