Letter to the Finance Minister of Italy Regarding Economic Growth.

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    I have submitted a letter to the Finance Minister of Italy Roberto Gualtier, on Wednesday 11th March 2020, along with the books 'Modern Applied Macroeconomics', 'Euro Crisis', 'Alternative Economics' and 'Economic Growth'. I explain how I have developed a new school of economic thought that has been used extensively and worked successfully in the United Kingdom.

    To: The Finance Minister of Italy

    The Treasury of Italy

    Via Venti Settembre, 97, 00187 Roma RM, Italy​

    To: The Italian Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance, Roberto Gualtier.

    Regarding: Economic Growth and New School of Economic Thought.

    Wednesday, 11th March 2020.

    I am an independent economist who develops new tools and policies to enable progress. I am located in the United Kingdom where my school of economic thought has been adopted and used extensively by the government over the last decade. Since the British government have applied my macroeconomic policies they have adhered to the set economic targets better than any other period of time that I am aware of. Economic growth has been very close to the 2% annual target and inflation has remained within acceptable boundaries throughout the period.

    My work uses altering pension contributions to increase or decrease rates of consumption and impact aggregate prices. Pension saving reforms have been introduced to decrease inflation when prices have exceeded targets and to stimulate growth when deflation and low economic growth have been present. The technique appears to work well and has enabled large treasury cost efficiencies to be made. The pension saving process has been optimized, creating further cost efficiencies and providing a new framework to control the annually set economic targets.

    I have written four books that put forward my new school of economic thought, 'Morganist Economics', which are enclosed in the parcel with this letter. In the book 'Modern Applied Macroeconomics', there is evidence of the successful application of my work on page 135. A letter from the former Chancellor of the Exchequer stating his appreciation for the work and his intention to use my pension reforms is also included in the book on page 139. The book was formerly a paper that was used to such a degree that it has changed economic practice.

    I was successful in predicting the United Kingdom would withdraw from the European Union in the book 'Euro Crisis', which has been influential in Europe and helped significantly in the negotiations throughout Brexit. My most recently published book is 'Economic Growth In a Highly Constrained Environment', which puts forward new techniques to stimulate economic growth when both monetary and fiscal policy are constrained. The books are aimed at giving politicians alternative options that avoid introducing hard hitting policies and consequences.

    Kind Regards.

    Peter James Rhys Morgan.