LIBOR Rates Dropping

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  1. Some interesting things happening in LIBOR... LIBOR peaked in this cycle December 21st 2018 at 2.82 % and has been steadily declining ever since. April 25th was 2.58, yesterday it fell to 2.51... The last time looking at charts it fell more then 10 % from Peak was October 6th 2008. LIBOR took as massive hit in November 2007 then collapsed with Lehman but it came with rate cuts, current LIBOR drop has come without rate cuts

    What does this mean ?
  2. No one wants money everyone has too much
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    10-year is at 2.4x%

    what is everybody waiting for... SPY is forward yielding 5.x%... goodness everyone missing the rally from 2009 is waiting for a big crash to buy in.. it won't come!
  4. I think it's going to range for a while. I'm personally content with my long holdings right now and the odd swing trade. I won't commit any more proportion long until I have either a crash or a significant blowout of ATH.
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    That’s fair. My hands are cramping from counting all the money from the first few month. Ranging the rest of the year sounds fair.
  6. Did you leverage, is it just beta, or???
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    nothing fancy :)