Life after 50

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    This thread is just general info and inspiration for old geezers who made it over the half century mark. If you belong to the club, congratulations!

    Let's start with inspiration:

    Mike is 52, still fast as a shark...(click on it to see him move)

  2. oh, that's scary! wake up next week, and never the same again :thumbsup::D

    he loves to get inside of you.
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    60 plus hours on a water fast, super mcduper energy focus clarity. Was going to try 120 but thinking 72 is tapp out. Slept the best night sleep last night. Getting my autophagy going. 50 this past September and I feel better than when I was in my twenties.
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  4. your in twilight zone of low blood sugar
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    I suspect less than 3, although at this age it is not clear who is on TRT, a high dose of TRT or on PEDs. Those guys look good anyway, i'm all for PEDs if the body can stand them, which is unfortunately not obvious.
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  8. Definite measurable demonstrable evidence based health benefits going from here to there.

    going any further, diminishing returns on 'investment'.
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  9. Although a notable improvement, he still has a chubby gut. I'd say he's got a way to go before the "returns on investment" become meaningfully diminished.
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