Lightspeed Trading

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  1. Anyone has experience with them? I trade option spreads. They advertise $0.5 per option contract, no ticket or extra fees. This is really cheap. Is there a catch there?
  2. Lightspeed charges $40.00 a month for the options data feed.
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    Consider Eoption, they charge $3 per ticket and only 10 cents per contract
  4. Did you bother to wonder why so cheap?

    eOption option order routing (non directed orders):

    Citadel Derivatives Group LLC 48%
    Susquehanna Capital Group 32%
    NYSE Arca Options 18%
  5. Try Lightspeed. I use it...Its only $40 for the mkt data and .50 per option contract
  6. How is the experience with Lightspeed. 0.50 per option is cheap.